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[Beyond PlayStation] Billion Road Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Billion Road Review
  • On November 5, 2020

Billion Road from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Actiil is a very fun board-game style release in which the goal is simple: travel through Japan as you win as much money as possible! Intrigued? Learn more in our Billion Road review!


In Billion Road from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Actiil, you will take on a very fun board-game style release in which your main goal will be to travel around Japan as you try to earn more money than anyone else. To do this, you must roll the dice and land on properties to invest in so that you can maximize your potential profits. Investments take time to pay dividends, and as you wait for the fiscal year to end, you will need to keep your eyes peeled for any monsters you find on your path since they can have an effect on your plans!

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You can personalize your avatar for Billion Road, thanks to the available customization options. You’ll start by selecting the hairstyle and hair color for your avatar, followed by the face type, body, and clothes, as well as the type of bag it will be carrying on its back to collect all of the money you’re going to earn. There are dozens of customization options between those four parameters, and there are dozens more for you to unlock as you play through Billion Road. Once you’re satisfied with your avatar’s look, be sure to save it by giving it a name! That way, you can select it from your saved avatars – and yes, that’s plural, since you can save up to 20 avatars.


The options for you to play Billion Road include the Free Play Mode, in which you can play the game as you please, setting up the opponents you’ll be taking on, as well as the duration of the match – which can last up to 99 years! Tournament Mode is a single-player option in which every five years, the lowest-ranked player is removed from the rotation, with your aim being the last player standing after 30 years have passed. The last option is Skirmish Mode, which is a short three-year battle which is perfect for when you want to take a bite of what Billion Road has to offer, but don’t have time to play a 30 year-long tournament or do a more detailed Free Play Mode Run.

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When playing against AI opponents, you need to keep an eye on their level. As expected, the higher their level, the stronger they will be, which will make it harder for you to be able to beat them out on the field. There’s, for example, the Spoiled Kid, who is a young heir who was placed in the tournament thanks to his father paying the entry fee and making sure he got in – he’s a level 5 opponent. But then, there’s Money Ninja, who comes from a long line of ninjas, and is ready to earn as much money as possible for his ninja village – he’s level 50!


The action takes place over a board game of sorts, with everything being set up as if it was a game show in Japan. There will be two commentators to accompany you during this journey: Kirara, who has a very perky personality and is ready to help players give it their all in this battle, and Okura-San, who is the main game show host. You will be able to either roll the dice to progress through the board or use an item, as you make the most of your available funds to invest as you try to gain as big of a profit as possible.

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Based on the number you roll, you’ll be able to move around the board a specific number of slots. There will be an arrow that can point you towards the fastest route to reach your destination, so be sure to pay attention to that! There are different event slots you can land on. The most common ones are the Plus and Minus slots. Once you land on one of these, you will get to randomly increase or lower your overall funds based on what amount you stop the randomizer at. If you land on an Item slot, then you can gain a random item to use in one of your next turns. This could include, for example, a Super 2 Dice, which allows you to roll two dice to move your avatar around the board!


You can also land on a location, which will give you the chance to invest some of your money. You can buy properties on property squares, which will allow you to earn some revenue at the end of each year. You could, for instance, purchase an Asari Restaurant and a Brush Factory, which can yield 100% and 70% in revenue, respectively. Having properties will also be important in case you end up going into debt, as you’ll be able to sell them to get you out of the red and back into the black.

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As you explore the board, you will get to befriend some of the monsters on it, which are called Workers. You can have up to three monsters in your party to aid you on this adventure. But along with the Workers, there are also monsters that will be called Nemesis, which will attack your party, so you’ll have to use your monsters to detach itself from your party for a bit so that they can battle it out. You’ll roll a dice to determine that monster’s attack power, to see if it will attack as is or get a boost. And if you manage to defeat a Nemesis monster, you’ll get to receive a bonus! The monster you sent into battle will return but be tired, so you won’t be able to use their special powers.

Sometimes you’ll gain access to Monster Island. As the name suggests, at Monster Island, you’ll be able to find a ton of Worker monsters to join your cause, some of which are very rare! While in there, you’ll only be able to move in the direction of the arrows, so do keep that in mind! As an extra bonus, when you exit Monster Island, you’ll end up warping near the goal tile, which can be very useful. So if you want to take advantage of this, be sure to check where the gate to Monster Island is located on your map!

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Billion Road is a fun party game that, as is to be expected, is best enjoyed when played with other fellow humans. While the AI does a good job of challenging you depending on the level of the opponents you select, nothing will ever beat the fun to be had when playing with others to try and be the best there is. The game features easy to understand gameplay mechanics, quirky gameshow-style moments – such as a “Best Monster” contest or a mini-game for Valentine’s Day – and a colorful cast that make this one stand out on Nintendo Switch. Billion Road is out with a $29.99 asking price.

This Billion Road review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Actiil.

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Fun and quirky party game on Nintendo Switch