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[PlayStation 4] CrossKrush Review

  • On November 6, 2020

CrossKrush from TinyIce and Ratalaika Games is an arcade game in which you must defend your peace of mind. Check our CrossKrush review!

Henry & Florence are a happily married couple, they enjoy music & have been dancing all their lives. But now, a noisy highway has been built right in front of their home, disrupting their harmonious lifestyle.


In CrossKrush, you are introduced to Florence and Henry, who had a wonderful and happy life until a noisy highway was built right next to their home! In order to reclaim their tranquility, they decide to take matters into their own hands, so they set out to destroy the cars themselves. Pretty drastic, but, hey, I’m not judging them since it’s their life and their peace.

The gameplay is arcade-style, and the difficulty increases at a steady pace. You are in front of your yard, and the cars come at you on the grid-based layout, one square at a time. The gameplay is a mix of strategy and timing because there are many ways in which each level can be completed, and if you can manage to achieve it below the number of actions suggested, you get bonus points. As for the actions themselves, you can either destroy cars using your trusty cane or get rid of the cars by setting explosive traps under them and then blowing them up once the cars come on top of the bombed grid. Yes, still a drastic solution for old people.


CrossKrush PS4 Review

There are also different types of cars to watch out for. Regular ones do nothing special. There are white cars that can mark the nearby grid cells for your next explosion and red cars that contain TNT, thus making nearby cars within their radius explode. There are also ambulances that you should avoid destroying because you’ll get a penalty on the next waves for the same level. There are ten waves and ten levels, thus requiring 100 waves total to tackle, plus different difficulty modifiers depending on the initial difficulty selected.


The presentation of this game is great. You get a colorful, minimalist take that is beautifully rendered in 3D. The soundtrack has some very nice jazz tracks, and some of them were surprisingly good and catchy, which I liked. There’s also an option to play in local multiplayer, with or against another player, which adds some extra variety to the whole package.

CrossKrush PlayStation 4 Review

Being a Ratalaika Games release, you can, of course, expect to find a quick Platinum for your collection! CrossKrush requires you to reach level 10 to be able to achieve some of the miscellaneous trophies. After this, you must complete two specific waves in the hardest mode in order to unlock the remaining trophies. All in all, it should take roughly an hour to do so.


CrossKrush Review

Should you play this game? I liked playing CrossKrush, and it was a fun arcade release that is easy to get the hang of and managed to do its difficulty curve just right. It’s a game that you can still come back to for some fun once you’ve unlocked the Platinum.

Here’s a Trophy guide to help you with this game, in case you need it.

This CrossKrush review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Fun arcade-style puzzle game