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[PlayStation 4] The True Review

[PlayStation 4] The True Review

The True from indie dev Badri Bebua is a third-person action game with a dash of classic point and click adventure sprinkled on top. Learn more in our The True review!


There is a mysterious narrative weaved throughout the experience, which tells the story of Sarah. This story is all about uncovering the secrets of Sarah’s past and her true origin. The game features a trophy list that is very approachable, which means that trophy hunters will certainly love this one, even more so now that Platinum trophies have increased in value. Will the gameplay and story elements in The True be enough to attract the attention of other gamers as well?

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The story in The True is quite interesting. I will avoid going into detail here in order to keep the review as spoiler-free as possible. You spend your time in The True investigating the mysterious origins of protagonist Sarah. This is a short narrative experience that can be completed in a couple of hours or so, depending on how quickly you’re able to solve the game’s puzzles. You need to pay attention to your surroundings if you want to solve each of the puzzles in the game since this is not one that will hold your hand. You will unlock the ability to use a variety of elements – fire, ice, water, and anti-gravity – to solve them.


Combat in The True is frustrating at the best of times. It’s hampered by the rigid nature of your character. You’re required to hit enemies – both large and small – with your projectiles. The collision detection is not always spot-on, so I found myself needing to aim higher than the enemy I was fighting for my hits to make contact. Another thing I didn’t like is the lack of something that would let me know how much health Sarah has left. On several occasions, I found myself dying because a small jumping spider crossed my path.

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This is something that will get in the way of enjoying The True. Due to the stiff nature of the controls and the speed of the creatures I was fighting against, I found myself dying and having to repeat large sections of the game. One instance had me die over, and over, and over again to a rather large arachnid that would shoot acid at me. After it killed me, I was forced to repeat a cutscene and a couple of puzzles. Redoing said segment would take around 10 minutes or so at a time due to how the game didn’t have any checkpoints within that area.


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The True has a Platinum trophy that is not difficult to unlock. There are some missable trophies, so you may want to consult a guide if trophy hunting is your thing. There is not one but two trophies tied to a shower scene during the opening segment of the game. The scene is unnecessary, totally missable, yet tied to two trophies, which felt a bit odd. At least you can just start a new game and get both trophies in 5 minutes or so. Most of the trophies are tied to progressing through the story, so you should have that Platinum trophy in your collection after a couple of hours, give or take some minutes.

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If you’re looking for a 3D game with an easy Platinum trophy on PlayStation 4, then The True can certainly fit that bill. Do know that even though the story is certainly interesting, there will be times when you’ll be fighting against not only deadly monsters but also the game’s controls. The puzzle segments involving the use of different elements you gain control of were fun but made the traditional puzzle elements and combat feel weird.

This The True review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Badri Bebua.

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3D adventure that is missing something