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[Beyond PlayStation] Memory Lane Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Memory Lane Review

Memory Lane does its name justice, asking players to use their brainpower to find all of the different pairs by flipping cards over. Check out our Memory Lane review!


Do you feel a need to go back to the brain training days of yesteryear? Then you’re in luck, because Memory Lane for the Nintendo Switch, self-published by Playstige Interactive, is here to try to fill that void. The game is a memory training game that involves matching flipped cards with few distractions from that main goal. Is this the Nintendo Switch experience to bring brain training back to the masses?


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As it turns out… no. This is about as one-dimensional of a game as you can find on the console. The entirety of the game is a continual card matching game. Each round will add additional cards to match, as well as a score multiplier that goes up for consecutive matches made. There are also memory factoids to unlock, but I unlocked all of them after only ten minutes of playing Memory Lane.


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There are a number of different backgrounds and card sets to use, but I found the UI to be very small on the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen – at least you can zoom in on things by pressing the Home button twice. The game also only supports touchscreen controls when in Handheld Mode, which is something that might not be for everyone. I really wish there was more to Memory Lane as these types of tile-matching games have a certain Zen element to them that makes for a very relaxing experience.


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If you’re a fan of card matching games or want to exercise your brain, then this budget $4.99 release might be a good option to scratch that itch. The entirety of the experience is spent building up your memory skills as you find pairs of cards over and over… and over again, so what you see is what you get.

This Memory Lane review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Playstige Interactive.

Review Overview

A game that gives players exactly what its name says