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[Beyond PlayStation] My Universe Fashion Boutique Review

[Beyond PlayStation] My Universe Fashion Boutique Review
  • On November 18, 2020

My Universe Fashion Boutique from Black Sheep Studio and Microids will have you building your own brand from scratch. Do you have what it takes? Learn more in our My Universe Fashion Boutique review!

In My Universe Fashion Boutique from Black Sheep Studio and Microids you will be taking on the latest entry in the series, in which you’ll get a chance to work from the bottom to the top as you learn the basics, so that you can build your own brand and take on managing a fashion store. You’ll have to pay attention to what each of your clients needs, so that you can give them exactly what they want.

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The first step on this fashion journey will be to create your avatar. You can select your character’s face type, eye type and eye color, eyebrows and eyebrow color, mouth, hairstyle and hair color, skin color, height, and outfit. Once you’re satisfied with your selections, you can confirm everything to start your adventure in the world of fashion. You will be working as a designer’s assistant as you learn the basics for how My Universe- Fashion Boutique. You’ll be working under Rose, who runs the store and also takes care of creating new designs, sewing, etc.


To take on each client’s requests, you can dive into a free design option so that you can work on the design, or you can go into requests to work on the specific thing that your client is asking for. In the second one you’ll be getting all of the requests you have accepted. You’ll then get to design the clothes that clients will get to take home with them. Pay attention to the style requested by the client, as well as the fabric they want for it, so that you can take this into consideration.

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You can pick the type of clothes that you’ll de designed, and car work from the available patterns so that you can find the one that better fits a client’s needs. For example, you might want to work on a particular top type, but you must see if it fits the description from the client. A top might look good, but it might not, say, fit the glamorous requirement. If you’re working on a top, you can change the length of its sleeves – or remove them -, work on the neckline or the back, to switch things up a bit.


The fabric for your clothes is a very important element. If a client requests that the clothes be made of cotton, you have to do that! The game will let you know if you’re about to make a mistake by giving you a heads-up on the left side of the screen since it will put a red circle and a red X over the material you’re trying to pick if it’s the wrong one. Along with the fabric, you’ll also have to pick the color for it, as long as you don’t get a specific request on that front from your client. Oh, and you can pick from different patterns for your designs, or keep the whole thing as a plain single-color creation.

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Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll need to use the left analog stick to move the different tools at your disposal to draw the pattern that you then be cutting. You can also rotate the tool with the ZL and ZR button. Each tool will display a shadow on the overlay, to give you a better idea of what you’ll end up drawing. This shadow will only show up for a few seconds, and you’ll then have to copy it so that you can start to fill up the gauge at the bottom of the screen. The better you do a lining up each tool with that is displayed, the better your overall score.

When you’re done working on the design, you’ll then have to cut the pattern for the clothes you’ll be making. You’ll have to press the A button at the right time while a pair of scissors moves left and right over a gauge. Stop the scissors over the green section, and you’ll be able to complete cutting the pattern in the best way possible. You’ll of course also have to sew your clothes, for which you’ll move the fabric with the left analog stick as you follow the sewing line as close as possible to the available overlay.


Based on your performance, you’ll get to level up, and will be rewarded with medals. Medals can be used to obtain rewards, which can include new fabric patterns, accessories, and more! To do this, you’ll have to access the Rewards app on your phone. You can open your phone with the Y button. Medals are displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, and look like coins. Who knows, you might find a new pair of glasses, or a new stylish hat. Your phone can also give you access to missions.

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Missions are specific objectives you can work on completing. By completing these missions, you’ll also be rewarded with medals. You will have to create many clothes, try different styles, dominate the design of specific patterns, cleaning the fitting room, getting many new clients, completing several requests, taking part in fashion shows, visiting different cities with your designs, unlocking new patterns, accessories, and fabrics, to name some examples.

There’s the option of changing the clothes for each of the mannequin at the store so that clients can get a better idea of what you’re offering at the store. Clients will be using the fitting room to try on new clothes. Once they’re done, the fitting room will usually be a mess, so you’ll have to clean it up before the next client arrives. Clean it is very easy, since all you’ll have to go is walk over there and interact with it.

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My Universe – Fashion Boutique does a good job of providing an arcade-style fashion experience on Nintendo Switch, with some lite store management elements, and being able to design clothes to put up for sale, as well as being able to dive into the life on the runway as you give it your all to present your designs to the world. My Universe – Fashion Boutique is out on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price.

This My Universe Fashion Boutique review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Microids.

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Fun arcade-style fashion experience on Nintendo Switch