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[Beyond PlayStation] Foregone Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Foregone Review

Foregone from Big Blue Bubble is a 2D Metroidvania-style action game out now on Nintendo Switch. Part action-slasher, part action-shooter, there is a lot of depth to this one. Learn more in our Foregone review!


Foregone is a fun 2D action-packed Metroidvania-style game from Big Blue Bubble on Nintendo Switch. Having read that, this a game that controls the way you’d expect of it. You have a melee attack, a ranged attack, and a dodge – the basic tools available to you in combat. What adds depth to this is the looting system. You will constantly be grabbing more powerful weapons and gear. Thankfully the developers added gear scores, different rarities, and DPS scores to really spell out how the new gear is way better than the stuff you were using.

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There is a good variety of weapons, both for melee and ranged attacks, that can really change the way you approach combat. I found myself experimenting to see which weapon combinations felt right for me and would cross my fingers that every new drop was a better shortsword or crossbow to add to my arsenal. Additional abilities such a dash and heal can also be unlocked and all of your skills can be upgraded using the in-game currency and upgrade modules you collect throughout your journey.

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The narrative presented in Foregone does very little to offer a strong story, other than setting up a vague premise for this adventure to begin. You play the role of your city’s strongest soldier. You are tasked with discovering the origins of The Harrow, a force that years earlier brought war to the city, which you are sworn to defend. While the story is, well, just there, what really stands out for this experience is the visuals. The pixel art in Foregone is absolutely stunning! The animations are intricate, and there is so much personality that comes through in the action of Foregone. The artwork looks amazing on the big screen as well as on the Nintendo Switch’s screen when playing in Handheld Mode.

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Foregone is a difficult game. Pull-your-hair-out difficulty. There is a lot happening when you’re in combat. The UI doesn’t do a great job of letting you know that you’re going to die. You do have a healing ability that can be upgraded, and your health is upgradeable, but, ultimately, you will die early and often during your time with Foregone. Death is very much a part of this game. When you die, you drop all that you’ve picked up along the way. There is a warp system so that you can at least get back to the last warp point you found, and you will have one last shot at recovering what you’ve lost. If you die again, then it’s gone for good.

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Foregone is a game with a very addictive gameplay loop. It’s a game of the “one more run” type, and it will keep you coming back for more and more. You will die – frequently. The punishing difficulty will definitely rub some gamers the wrong way, but diehard Metroidvania fans will certainly like what is being offered. The gameplay loop borrows from similarly designed games, and while it does have some shortcomings when compared to its peers, it’s not something that ends up being a deal-breaker. Foregone is available now on the Nintendo Switch for $29.99, and you’re definitely going to get a lot of bang for your buck.

This Foregone review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Big Blue Bubble.

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Challenging 2D action Metroidvania with superb graphics