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[Beyond PlayStation] Maid Of Sker Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Maid Of Sker Review

Is Maid of Sker a scary good time for horror fans or one that should be avoided on the Nintendo Switch? Find out in our Maid of Sker review!


Before we get going with this Maid of Sker review, I do have a confession to make: spooky games are not my jam. Never have been, and likely never will be. On that note, survival horror is the name of the game in Maid of Sker. It comes from Wales Interactive and features some of the writing talents and designers behind games such as SOMA, Don’t Knock Twice, and Battlefield 1. In this first-person survival horror experience, you play the role of Thomas, who has been summoned to a remote hotel with a gory and macabre history, which draws inspiration from Welsh folklore. Do you have the courage to traverse this terrifying locale?

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Maid of Sker is set in 1898. Thomas is a composer who has received a very peculiar letter from Elisabeth, his girlfriend. She asks him to write a song to save Hotel Sker, where a deep-rooted evil has consumed the hotel from the inside. Reuniting these star-crossed lovers will require a great deal of stealth, as there are some wicked and scary blind creatures roaming the halls! You’ll need to keep your wits about you as you discover the truth of Hotel Sker. Do you have what it takes to survive this nightmare?


As a first-person experience, the majority of the controls are handled via the left and right analog sticks. I was a little worried that this would end up being a survival horror of the walking simulator variety with some jump scares here and there. Thankfully the developers have delivered an experience that focuses on stealth and environmental awareness, which helps to enhance your time with Maid of Sker. You even need to be aware of how you have to sometimes hold your breath to avoid alerting enemies of your whereabouts! You will need to spend your time exploring every nook and cranny of Hotel Sker to discover all the secrets with the hope of doing what is needed to reunite with Elisabeth.

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Maid of Sker is definitely inspired by the Resident Evil series in terms of its design aesthetic while taking the experience down the stealth road instead of the action movie with monsters path. You don’t have weapons, and the enemies will be faceless monsters. You will have a tool that will help you survive the monsters, thanks to the power of sound. There is a dynamic environment sound feature that alerts enemies via a system that will, for example, tell them you’re around if you make a mistake and bumps into something. The slightest bump and they will be on you like nobody’s business. The combination of this mechanic and the well-executed 3D audio makes for an experience that will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


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Maid of Sker was released on PS4 earlier in the year, but the Nintendo Switch version had to stay a bit of extra time in the oven. But even after the extra time working on this particular version, there are a few things that could’ve either used more time or were simply not possible to remedy on the Nintendo Switch hardware. While the game has translated well to Nintendo’s hybrid console – and the portable-only Nintendo Switch Lite – there are some moments when the game does chug for a bit. I also noticed some differences in how the analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con had a different feel when playing when compared to taking on this one in Docked Mode with a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, so I had to adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks when going from Portable Mode and Docked Mode or vice-versa.

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If you’re looking for a fun survival horror experience on Nintendo Switch to play at home or on the go, then Maid of Sker definitely fits the bill. If you aren’t concerned about the technical limitations of such a high-fidelity title chugging along on the Nintendo Switch for a bit every now and then, you’ll get to experience a game on Nintendo’s console that will have you on the edge of your seat from the moment you set foot into the hotel. Maid of Sker is out now for Nintendo Switch for a $29.99 asking price.

This Maid of Sker review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Wales Interactive.

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