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[PlayStation 4] More Dark Review

  • On December 8, 2020

More Dark from HugePixel and Ratalaika Games is a platformer in which you are tasked to restore the kingdom order. Learn more about this title in our More Dark review!

After the Lord of the Other World went on vacation his leadership was temporarily taken over by his sweet daughter, Evilina and chaos ensued. The prisoners of damnation have all escaped from their confinements and scattered about the kingdom, shattering the fragile peace of the devil’s dominion.


In More Dark, your journey starts as you are introduced to a succubus asking you, some sort of demon, to restore the kingdom’s order. After this short introduction, you’re thrown right into action. This game is a 2D puzzle platformer that features basic gameplay mechanics with an easy goal: you must reach the exit of each stage, with every level fitting on a single screen. You’ll have to jump, move objects, and destroy every enemy on each level in order to reach the door.

More Dark PlayStation 4 Review

The level design is clever, and I liked how the difficulty increases at a steady pace as you move through each level. Miss a jump, or don’t think far ahead enough, and you’ll have to press the Triangle button to restart the level. Worry not, as there are no consequences for restarting a level, which is a good thing since this is the type of game that requires some tried and true trial and error so that you can solve each puzzle.


One thing I did need a moment to adjust to is how the controls are of the old-school variety. You can only jump a single square high and a single square wide, and you’ll move down towards the ground faster than I expected. This felt a bit off at first, but after a handful of levels, things clicked, and I was able to adjust accordingly to how jumping works.

More Dark PS4 Review

The presentation for this one feels like an early 16-bit era release with a dash of what you’d expect to find in arcade games back in the day. The soundtrack was also surprisingly catchy, but it does end up feeling a bit overused since you’ll be listening to the same tunes over and over again.

Since this is a Ratalaika Games release, you can expect to find an easy to achieve Platinum trophy for your efforts, and this game is no exception. There are not many trophies this time around since the whole list is composed of 11 Gold trophies. Most of the trophies are awarded for progressing through the game. Other than that, you’ll have one trophy for defeating an enemy by dropping a box on top of him, which can be done during the first handful of stages. Depending on your experience with 2D arcade-style puzzle games, you could end up with a new Platinum trophy for your collection in 30 minutes or so.

More Dark PS4 Review

More Dark was a fun 2D arcade-style puzzle platformer with a good difficulty curve, clever puzzles to solve, and some extra abilities to unlock as you progress through the game. It’s out on PlayStation 4 with a very affordable $4.99 asking price, which makes it an easy one to recommend – especially for trophy hunters looking for a new Platinum for their collection.

Here’s a trophy guide if you need some help:

This More Dark review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Fun puzzle platformer with solid level design