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PS5: Best Features of The Next Gen Console

PS5: Best Features of The Next Gen Console

The PlayStation 5 is here and it is time to play. Why do you need it? Here we explore the best new features of this next gen console. Let the games begin!

On everybody’s top 5 gifts for Christmas is the next generation console from Sony. We have waited a long time for the arrival of the PlayStation 5, and it is time to see if it’s worth the investment. For any serious gamer, you need to keep up with the console evolution if you want to stay relevant, so this summary of the best features might just be enough to motivate you out the door to buy. However, for part-timers and more casual gamers, it is fair to ask if there are any new feature that makes it worth your while to upgrade from the PS4.

The fundamentals

Before we go into the tech specs, we will give you an overview of the evolution of the PlayStation in this fifth iteration. In general, Sony is sticking with what has worked in the past for them. Therefore, the approach taken is pretty similar to the PS4. They are selling a console that will play first party games from the storied franchises and then seek to supplement these with third-party titles from other publishers and indie studios.

Therefore, what you can look forward to is much better graphics, higher framerates, less pop-in, and in most cases, a 4K resolution. This will make the gaming experience that much smoother, especially if your TV is set up to take advantage of the higher resolution and refresh rates. Ray tracing is also entering the scene, which will be a big boost to how games look on Sony’s new console!

Players will also be glad to know that Sony has also done something about loading times. The problem of loading has long compromised the design of games since the switch from cartridges to discs. Therefore, the introduction of an SSD drive promises some exciting developments for all PS5 games.

You have a choice of two PS5 consoles but, to be honest, they are pretty much the same. There is the PS5 with a 4K Blu-ray drive or the Digital Edition PS5. The difference between one or the other is $100, so you need to decide if you’ll be using your new console to play games on retail discs, and the new 4K versions being released for movies – such as the Lord of the Rings Trilogy – to warrant the extra cost.

A closer look at the loading times

So, let’s talk a bit more about loading times on Sony’s PlayStation 5. Take a game such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales. When playing the PlayStation 4 version of the game on Sony’s last-gen hardware console, loading after fast-travel can take around 20 seconds or so – not bad, but it can add up when taking on a full run of the game from start to finish. And when you play Spider-Man: Miles Morales on the PlayStation 5 and fast-travel? Well, then you’ll notice how the SSD makes it possible for loading to be almost instantaneous!

We might be talking about shaving some seconds here and there, but these seconds certainly add up during a week of gaming! For other games, the loading can be cut by well over a minute, depending on how things are optimized by developers, and even PS4 games that are not fully optimized for play on PS5 will benefit from shorter loading times.

One downside is that the storage space on the PS5 is not that good, with only around 667.2 GB of storage space available from the 1 TB SSD drive. With games that can take more than 100GB of storage a pop, you’re probably going to fill up your SSD… and fast! There is currently no way to expand this storage for PS5 until Sony announces which SSD drives are fully compatible with their console.

The controller

The PS5 DualSense controller is the most obvious evolution of the console. Many will think, on the surface, that this is the most next generation part of the PS5. Is it enough to warrant an upgrade? We think so!

The DualSense takes a big step forward from what the DualShock 4 had to offer during the previous generation. The new controller is a complete redesign. Even though there are hints of the basic layout you will have become used to, the sticks feel different, the touchpad in the center feels different, not to mention the haptic feedback and the adaptive triggers!

Rumble has been playing an important part in gaming for a while now, going back to the Nintendo 64’s Rumble Pak. The Nintendo Switch’s HD Rumble took a big step forward by offering a large variety of rumble settings for developers to experiment with, but the haptic feedback from the DualSense is twice as good!

Adaptive triggers will allow developers to change how you interact with games. You’ll be able to experience varying levels of force and tension as you, for example, try to open a door, or take aim with bow and arrow, feeling how the triggers tense up when you draw your bow for the final blow.

New user-interface

Another feature worth noting is the new user-interface. It is much more streamlined than the PS4 and allows you to jump into games much more easily. The apps are divided as well, so that your games and your media apps are given their time in the spotlight. The icons on the game menu look familiar, but when you select a game there’s some new information to pique your interest.

While you can just hit play and get straight to the action, you can also take a look at your trophies collected or what Twitch streams of the game. It also gives you the option to jump into a certain mission or mode of the game with the different activity cards that developers can set for their games, for a whole new gaming experience.

In short

Is the PlayStation 5 worth the upgrade? As it turns out, yes! We love the new controller, the hugely improved – and sometimes gone! – loading times, and the streamlined user interface -although for some it might take a bit of time before the new UI just “clicks.” On first impression, it’s a job well done by Sony. Did you manage to get a PS5 at launch?