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[PlayStation 4] Micetopia Review

  • On December 21, 2020

Micetopia from Ninja Rabbit Studio and Ratalaika Games is a retro-looking platformer with a Metroidvania twist in which you must rescue villagers of your hometown and can achieve a quick Platinum in doing so. Learn more about this title in our Micetopia review!

Welcome to the medieval, magical kingdom of Micetopia, where mice live in freely an idyllic country village. Unfortunately, as the story begins forces of evil have taken away all the mice except for the one elder remaining. Can you become the hero of Micetopia and save your villagers from the dark minions?


In Micetopia from Ratalaika Games and Ninja Rabbit Studio, you’ll be following Rich, a hero who happens to be a mouse. At the start of the game, you’re told by the elder that the other villagers have been taken hostage into the nearby caves. It’s up to you to explore the caves in order to find and rescue them before it’s too late!


Exploring the different locations takes this one into Metroidvania-lite territory. There are platforms that can be jumped over, enemies that must be fought – or evaded with your roll if you time things right – all in a semi-linear progression system that I enjoyed. Since each of the areas you visit isn’t that big, you won’t end up getting lost, especially thanks to the in-game map that will allow you to know where you’ve already been to.

Micetopia PS4 Review

As for the gameplay, you can expect to move through the caverns and forest, fighting enemies with the Circle button. You only have three hearts, and the game has some tricky sections that will definitely prove to be more challenging than the rest of the game, but it’s not something that will overwhelm you. The controls might at first feel a bit stiff, but you’ll quickly get used to how Micetopia handles things.


There are multiple villagers to rescue, and each one of them will grant Rich a perk so that he can carry on with his quest. For instance, some will award you with new skills, and you’ll even get to unlock a blacksmith who can upgrade your equipment. As you unlock new abilities, these will allow you to explore new rooms in each of the game’s areas, which will, in turn, lead you to find more of the missing villagers.

Micetopia PlayStation 4 Review

As for the presentation, Micetopia is a good looking pixel art game that felt rooted in the late 16-bit era. I liked how there are some lighting and light 3D effects added, along with some particles that float in the dungeons, giving the game a retro look with a 21st century feel. The game’s soundtrack was also good and added to the ambiance. Trophies are awarded for progressing through the campaign and for collecting 100 gems, which will most likely happen naturally on your path to the Platinum. For reference, you don’t have to beat the game to get the Platinum trophy, and based on your experience with 2D action platforming games, you could find yourself with a new Platinum trophy in an hour or so.


If you want a guide that is easy to follow, I’d suggest using this one, which has a map of the game:

Micetopia Review

I liked playing this new Ratalaika Games release since it’s a fun one with a colorful pixel art presentation, a low asking price, and a Platinum trophy to unlock, all wrapped in a Metroidvania-lite theme.

This Micetopia review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Great Metroidvania with a quick one-hour Platinum trophy