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[PlayStation 4] Vera Blanc: Full Moon Review


Vera Blanc: Full Moon is a new visual novel by WinterWolves Games and Ratalaika Games about a girl with mind-reading powers and a werewolf investigation. Find out more in our Vera Blanc: Full Moon review!

Vera Blanc is a mystery / detective game. Take on the role of Vera Blanc, a young and beautiful woman with an extraordinary power: the ability to read other people’s minds! The game plays like a visual novel/adventure game with two endings for the mystery and a collection of challenging mini-games.


The game starts with a brief intro about Vera Blanc. At age fourteen, she was a child prodigy that had already graduated from university. Everything was shaping up for a bright future for her, until two years later, when she was diagnosed with brain cancer. Doctors didn’t give her more than six months to live, but her multimillionaire father eventually found something that was able to cure her but with some side effects.

For starters, she had the potential to learn faster than anyone, but she also developed some mind-reading abilities that allowed her to read people’s thoughts. With those new abilities and a desire to do something good with this, her father hooked her up with Brandon Mackey, a private detective that investigates cases that revolve around supernatural or occult things. That’s when things start for you, as you travel with him to Germany to investigate a potential werewolf murderer in a city.

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Review

With this being a visual novel, a lot of your time with the game will be spent reading the story while taking on a few mini-games here and there, although you do have the option of turning them off when you start a game. The game progresses in days, and each day you are given a few locations that you can visit in the city to progress your investigation, sometimes triggering more mini-games.


The first type of mini-game you’ll encounter is mind-reading. You are presented with a sentence that’s only displayed with underscore characters, and you have to select letters from the alphabet that will fill every instance of said letter in the sentence that is presented. You have a maximum of three attempts, and if you fail to read someone’s mind, you might miss some information to help you in your investigation.

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Review

You’ll also have some “find the differences” mini-games, where two images are next to each other. They seem nearly identical, but you have to spot the few differences between them. Another one is a memory game where you are presented with a sequence of numbers, one at a time, and you’ll have to write them back once the sequence has been completed – and it’s only displayed once! Another type is a grid where you have to flip the squares to match two, and each contains a number between 0 and 3, with a time limit to complete the segment. This mini-game is probably the only one I didn’t like since it sometimes randomly changed the location of your cursor, so when trying to go fast, you could accidentally hit the “I give up” button that would end the mini-game, and not in the way you want it to.

Vera Blanc: Full Moon Review

Compared to the last visual novel I reviewed, I liked that this one had mini-games to play in order to change the pace from the strictly reading gameplay loop. Nothing was truly spectacular in those mini-games, but it was just enough to offer a good break from the reading parts. The story was a good one considering this is a budget indie title, and it can end in different ways, so you will require an additional playthrough to see if you can find another way for your adventure to end.


As for the trophies, more than half are automatically unlocked while progressing the game, with three unlocking for successfully completing one of each mini-game type, and the last two trophies are for obtaining the two different endings for the game. Do all that is required from this short trophy list, and you’ll have a new Platinum trophy for your collection.

Vera Blanc: Full Moon is not a stellar title, but it’s interesting enough for visual novel fans to take the time to complete it for a nice evening of visual novel gameplay with some mini-games here and there.

This Vera Blanc: Full Moon review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaiaka Games.

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Visual novel with a werewolf twist