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[Beyond PlayStation] Depth of Extinction Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Depth of Extinction Review
  • On December 24, 2020

Depth of Extinction from HOF Studios is a turn-based tactical roguelike on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Depth of Extinction review!


In Depth of Extinction from HOF Studios, you’ll be taking on a turn-based tactical roguelike set on a flooded world. As you explore with your sub, you’ll end up having to fight deadly robots, pirates, mercenaries, and more! Once you’re ready to go, you can decide to play the game either in Standard or Hardcore. For Standard, you’ll have a higher starting character health, dead characters will be revived after completing a mission, you can retry failed missions, and there will be a shorter objective length. As expected, in Hardcore, there will be a lower starting character health, you won’t get to retry, and the difficulty will ramp up at a faster pace.

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Your journey will begin when during a mission, you find an older model robot who mentions that you must find something called a Code Scrambler, which you must find before it’s too late. As soon as he says this, three giant robots that almost look like thanks burst into the room, shoot and destroy the older model robot, and then set their sights on your group. You barely manage to escape after one of your group’s members decides to stay back to repel the attack and buy you enough time to escape. Will you be able to find the Code Scrambler?


You can hire mercs with the credits you earn in order to improve your odds of survival. Be sure to pay attention to each merc’s skills, weapons, and perks so that you can always find the one that best suits your playing style and your needs! Mercs will only be by your side for a single objective, and as they level up and become stronger, they will also be more expensive to hire. Do you go with a fast-shooting assault merc with a rusty shotgun? Or does it make more sense to hire the wrecker with a mini gun who can deal extra damage with grenades?

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When taking on a mission, you’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, confirming your actions with the A button. You can perform two actions per turn. Moving a character within the green area around it will use your first action while moving to the orange area will use up the second one. You can decide to attack an opponent, defend to lower the damage received, or go into overwatch, attacking anyone who comes within range. Performing any of these three actions will end your turn. You can also switch between your weapons with the Y button.


Something else to consider is the different cover types you can take advantage of as you fight. Light cover will reduce hit chance by 35%. Medium will do this by 50%. Heavy is the best cover type since it reduces hit chance by 65%. Along with this, you also need to keep in mind the cover line of sight. Green means a character will get full cover. Orange means a character will get half cover. Red means there’s no cover benefit, which happens when a character is flanked.

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As your characters complete missions and defeat enemies, they will gain experience points. Once they have earned enough, they will get a chance to level up. When a character levels up, you’ll be able to assign points to upgrade its base stats or their class. You can also gain access to abilities, which will give bonuses or abilities to your character. Constitution will give more hit points and lower the chance of a status effect; Grit will increase hit points, dodge, and lower the chance of a status effect; Awareness will boost dodge, cover use, and visual range; Reaction will greatly increase dodge while also boosting movement and reaction; and Speed will greatly boost movement. You can also spend points to boost your class, which will improve your skills from said class while also unlocking new ones.


The credits you collect can also be used at the merchants you find to purchase new equipment or items for your group. You can get new weapons, new armor, buy items to aid you in combat, or even hire a merc to your cause. You can also decide to sell some of the stuff you have on you, which can be useful when you loot duplicate items or obtain equipment that is not as useful as expected. You can also purchase fuel, which is needed by your sub for traveling between the different nodes on the map. Do keep in mind that you can sometimes run into scenarios under which you might end up losing extra fuel, so you should always try to have a good stock.

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Depth of Extinction is a fun and challenging turn-based tactical roguelike that does a lot of things right on Nintendo Switch. There’s a lot of content to enjoy, a ton of customization options for your group, from how you distribute points after leveling up, the equipment you loot, and what you end up buying. Given the game’s roguelike nature, there’s also lots of replay value if you want to start things again from scratch, which makes it very easy to recommend this $14.99 game on Nintendo’s console.

This Depth of Extinction review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by HOF Studios.

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A very fun and challenging turn-based tactical roguelike