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[PlayStation 4] Shing! Review

[PlayStation 4] Shing! Review
  • On January 5, 2021

Review Overview

A fun beat 'em up that changes things around for a fresh experience


Shing! from Mass Creation is a new beat ‘em up on PlayStation 4 that aims to shake things up a bit. Learn more in our Shing! review!


In Shing! from Mass Creation, you’ll be taking on a beat ‘em up adventure on PlayStation 4 that changes things up a bit in this classic genre. As for the story, someone has stolen the Starseed – the source of all Essence – so it’s up to you to rush into action in search of whoever took it. As you rush into action, you realize that it was a group of Yokai – supernatural monsters from Japanese folklore – who ended up snatching the Starseed. You must do whatever it takes to recover it before it’s too late.

You’ll move your character with the left analog stick, jumping with the X or L2 buttons, dashing with the R1 button, and guarding against enemy attacks with the L1 button. You can kick with the Square or R2 buttons, attacking enemies by flicking the right analog stick in different patterns, which is certainly different from any other beat ‘em up you’ve played. You’ll go over the basics during the game’s tutorial. As you attack enemies, you will build up your rage meter. Once it’s full, you can activate it by pressing the R3 button and then press a direction on the right analog stick to unleash a deadly combo.

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You’ll be able to control one character at a time and can quickly change between all four characters by pressing a direction on the D-Pad. This is important because you should always keep an eye on each character’s health points so that you can change to another character before it’s too late. By doing this, you can then change back to the wounded character once an enemy drops a healing sphere so that you can keep your entire group as healthy as possible so that you can succeed in finding the Starseed.


While there will be lots of regular enemies to battle, as is to be expected of a beat ‘em up, you will run into larger and deadlier foes, as well as opponents that change things up by adding some extra elements that will keep you on high alert at all times. There are, for example, smaller enemies that are charged up with energy that will grant them fast-paced attacks that are used in short burst but deal a lot of damage, or enemies that have some sort of energy armor that moves between their head and their body, which means you’ll have to arc your attacks so that you can target the areas that are not protected.

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You might also run into larger enemies that emanate a powerful energy field that protects them from all harm while also dealing damage to anyone foolish enough to come into contact with it. For them, you’ll need to either dash and leave a bomb – when you have them – or time your block so that you can parry their energy sphere attacks so that you can deflect them back to break their defense. This will give you a chance to rush in and unleash a combo or two before their barrier charges up again.


The better and more varied your combos, the more Style Tokens you will get. These can be used to unlock additional character skins to customize the look of each of your party members, which means that if you want to 100% the game, there’s going to be a lot of hacking, slashing, jumping, and kicking around in your future. You can switch around the difficulty as needed in case you’re having a hard time fighting the Yokai, but the higher the difficulty, the better your odds of getting extra style tokens as you dash, stab, slash, juggle enemies, and use the energy attacks you gain access to in order to keep your combos going.

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The game has a full trophy list, with a Platinum trophy waiting for you. There are trophies that will unlock once you complete the tutorial, finish each of the levels in the game, beat the different bosses that will challenge you, and for completing the different lore rooms and challenge rooms you can take on. The rest of the trophies will be awarded for mastering each of the levels – for which you’ll have to complete a level within a specific time limit, making sure not to receive damage over a particular threshold, and comboing your way through the level to gain a high score -, for finding a secret boss, for completing the game, for getting the alternate ending, for having four power-ups on the same character, and for achieving a 200-hit combo.

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Shing! is a fun beat ‘em up that changes things around by having you use the right analog stick to attack at different speeds, stabbing and slashing depending on the motions you input, blocking and parrying to stay alive. It does take a bit of practice before things click – going over the tutorial and a couple of levels at most – but it does make for an entertaining experience. Shing! is out on PlayStation 4 with a $19.99 asking price. You can get the game on its own, or you can get the Deluxe Edition, which includes the game’s original soundtrack, as well as a PS4 dynamic theme.

This Shing! review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Mass Creation.