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[Beyond PlayStation] Crazy BMX World Review

[Beyond PlayStation] Crazy BMX World Review
  • On January 18, 2021

Crazy BMX World is a compilation of three games at a low budget price on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Crazy BMX World review!


Crazy BMX World from Shinyuden is a compilation of three games, available at a low $3.00 price on Nintendo Switch. The included games are Bike Rider DX, Bike Rider DX2, and Bike Rider DX3, which were originally released for the Nintendo 3DS. While the first two games in the series made their way here, the third one was a Japan-only release… until now! There’s a ton of content on offer here, with 259 bite-sized levels to play, which will take you on a world tour around the world, around the galaxy, and even through time!


Crazy BMX World Review - 1

The controls are very simple, since Crazy BMX World is of the autorunner variety, so your character will be riding its bike at all times, always moving forward, always ready for action. You can jump, double jump, or triple jump with the A button… and that’s it! There are also going to be power-ups, which include a mighty turbo boost that will allow you to dash forward with a mighty rocket or a powerful drill that will make it possible to destroy brick walls that would otherwise end your current run.


Crazy BMX World Review - 3

As you play, you’ll be rewarded with tickets you can use to unlock extra customization items. Redeem the tickets for capsule toys, and you’ll be able to roll into them to see if you get a new item or a repeat of something already in your collection. These customization items head include things such as a juicy pear, a biscuit, cold roe, roasted pork, fresh crab, a tangerine, to name some examples. There are 40 items in total, and as you unlock them, you can check out some extra info for each one.

Crazy BMX World Review - Unlocks


The golden medals that you collect will be needed to unlock additional sets of stages, so you should collect as many of them as possible – if not all three in each stage as you play! There are also 54 bonus objectives that you can aim to complete during your time with Crazy BMX World. These objectives include doing things such as doing a double jump, doing a triple jump, jumping a total of 100 times, collecting all of the medals in a stage for the first time, or obtaining your first crown.

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Crazy BMX World will take you through a tour around the world, the universe, and time itself, bundling Bike Rider DX, Bike Rider DX2, and Bike Rider DX3. Crazy BMX World is out now on Nintendo Switch with a ton of content to play for a very low $3.00 asking price.

This Crazy BMX World review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Shinyuden.

Review Overview

A fun compilation of 3 games, offering a ton of content