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Will Game Consoles Ever Offer The Full Experience?

Will Game Consoles Ever Offer The Full Experience?

Nowadays, video games are an affordable entertainment, with players having access to single-player and multiplayer games of a variety of prieces – with some offered as Free to Play (F2P) experiences. A big console showdown happened last year when Sony and Microsoft launched the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S, even if both had issues with stock – and still do.

Since both of these consoles come with a ton of technological advances that put them way ahead of the previous console generation, the extra processing power comes with significant expectations. Gamers now wonder what the future of consoles will bring. As we live in a golden age of online entertainment, it would make sense if game consoles expanded to include online slots and other forms of entertainment that people have come to expect from the devices they interact with – and use to interact with others around the world.

Why it Could Happen

More fun, more opportunities

Video games are fun and very entertaining, providing a wide range of experiences for kids and adults alike. People buy videogames to enjoy as a hobby, to pass time, hangout with friends, and to relax – something that is even more important in this day and age with everything that is going on around the world.
Introducing slot games within the game console environment will offer gamers a glimpse into a whole new world they’re probably not familiar with, or that they can’t experience with the current travel restrictions. Slots are easy to pick up and play and can be very entertaining, adding to the casino experience we’ve seen one way or the other in games such as Red Dead Redemption 2, or the evergreen Grand Theft Auto V and its The Diamond Casino & Resort content.

PlayStation 5’s technology is more than capable

Unlike with the previous generations of the PlayStation family – looking at you PlayStation 3 – the PS5 is more than capable of handling a proper, robust online slots experience. Sony has invested heavily in cloud gaming for its future, bringing the console closer to being the be-all and end-all entertainment device.

It’s a legitimate form of gaming and entertainment

In some countries around the world, online slots are some of the most played online games. Take, for example, New Zealand, where some of the most played games online is NZ online pokies – a.k.a. slots). Having this new console gen be part of the equation – particularly the PlayStation family, with its history of online casino experiences, such as The Four Kings Casino and Slots, makes a lot of sense.

Why it Might Not Happen

Security Issues

Videogames are enjoyed by people of all ages, which is why there need to be precautions in place for keeping anyone not 18 and older from playing online slots. Exposing underaged kids to betting is a big no-no, and it could get many companies in trouble if things aren’t handle just right.
Regulations and Licensing

While video games are nowadays an accepted form of entertainment – without the mocking we saw back in the 1980s and 1990s for fans – online slots on game consoles offering the full experience would require the companies involved to jump through some additional loops, even more so in some countries around the world with strict regulations on the subject.

Money, money, money

While playing videogames and online slots can be equally as fun an entertaining, the former requires an initial investment when purchasing a game – or none at all for F2P releases -, the latter requires an ongoing investment of real, hard-earned cash. Let’s not forget there’s also the potential of some people becoming addicted to gambling, which is not as crazy as it sounds when you think about loot boxes and all the issues some companies have faced over the last couple of years.