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[Nintendo Switch] Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers Review

[Nintendo Switch] Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers Review
  • On February 17, 2021

Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers from 7Levels is a fun card game on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers review!


Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers from 7Levels is a fun card game on Nintendo Switch that puts a spin on the classic card game, which makes for a very addictive gameplay loop. Once you get started, you’ll notice it’s a game that is hard to put down, since it definitely has that “just one more game” thing going on for it. As for what you need to do, for Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers, you have to click on a card with the A button that is one number higher or lower than the card on the pile. When you run out of moves to make, you can press the X button to play a card from the talon. You can also play by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen to control everything. Simple, right?

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Every level you play will have a different layout for the cards that are presented faceup, and all of the other cards that are facedown, and which you can’t access until you remove the cards that are on top of them. For every level that you play, you can earn up to a three-star rating. The first star will be obtained for completing the stage, while the other two starts you’ll have to earn by being fast enough at completing the level, as well as by managing to get a good streak going. For every five cards you can remove in a row, you’ll go up a level on the streak gauge. Get a new card by pressing the X button, and the streak will break, but you won’t go down a level.


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This one has that mobile game look and feel, even including bonuses you can collect every so often once their respective timers have run out. As you play, you’ll earn gold coins for your efforts. These gold coins can be spent in order to undo your last action, or you could purchase a wildcard. When you use a wildcard, you’ll be able to click on any card on the playing field to remove it and move it to the pile, so that you can continue with your streak. There are also face-up special cards which will reveal all cards on the screen, so that you can have an easier time planning your next set of moves.

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You’ll run into special cards as well that will change how you approach subsequent puzzles. While they’re not present in all levels, the ones that have them will definitely test your skills and speed! These special cards include the ones that will wrap a card with thorns that need to first be removed before you can then try to remove the card they were protecting. Another special card will have a bomb icon, and with every move you make, it will start to count down to zero. If you’re not fast enough, the bomb will explode and you’ll lose!

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Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers is a fun and addictive take on the card game classic that will have you playing for hours. While its mobile game origins do show on this Nintendo Switch version, there are no microtransactions to worry about, so you’ll get to enjoy hundreds of levels at a budget price. Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers is out on Nintendo Switch for $5.99.

This Solitaire TriPeaks Flowers review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by 7Levels.

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Very fun and addictive take on a card game classic