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[Nintendo Switch] Creepy Tale Review

[Nintendo Switch] Creepy Tale Review
  • On February 25, 2021

Creepy Tale from No Gravity Games is a short 2D adventure game with a charming art style. Learn more in our Creepy Tale review!


Creepy Tale from No Gravity Games on Nintendo Switch is a short 2D adventure game with a charming art style. Your journey will begin as you’re out collecting mushrooms in the forest, something that is totally safe to do in the creepy woods at night. You’re joined by your brother for this particular endeavor, and, as the game’s title suggests, things take a turn for the worse early on. Your brother rushes onward, chasing after a mysterious glowing butterfly. He enters a cabin in the woods and is kidnapped by some hairy creatures!

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You’ll move your character with the left analog stick, interacting with things with the Y button, jumping with the B button to overcome some obstacles. You’ll use items with the Y or X button to complete the puzzles that stand in your way so that you can save your brother. You’ll need to pay attention to each area, or else you’ll end up with a fate worse than your brother’s! If you don’t watch your step, you might fall through a hole on the ground that has been disguised with a bunch of leaves placed on top of it, and you’ll fall on top of some rather sharp wooden stakes that will kill you in an instant.

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Since this is a 2D adventure game, and without spoiling things and giving too much away, I’ll only talk about the first puzzle that you’ll have to solve in Creepy Tale. By using the window to see inside of the cabin, you’ll notice that one of the creatures is now relaxing on a chair. If you grab one of the mushrooms you had collected a bit earlier and leave it over a tree stump on the left, you can knock on the door, hide, and then rush into the cabin once the creature goes to grab the mushroom to eat it.

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Creepy Tale is a short 2D adventure game that you can probably complete in an hour or so, depending on your experience with adventure games and how good you are at solving puzzles. I really liked the game’s art style and easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics, but the game did leave me wanting for more, especially given its $9.99 asking price.

This Creepy Tale review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by No Gravity Games.

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Short and creepy 2D adventure game