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[Nintendo Switch] Spinny’s Journey Review

[Nintendo Switch] Spinny’s Journey Review
  • On April 5, 2021

Spinny’s Journey from Thunder Sparrow is a top-down puzzle game with over 50 levels to complete on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Spinny’s Journey


In Spinny’s Journey from Thunder Sparrow, you’ll be taking on 50 levels of top-down puzzle action on the Nintendo Switch. Spinny’s Journey a game that takes inspiration from Kuru Kuru Kururin, which was released way back on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance way back in 2001 in Japan and Europe, later getting a release in North America as a game on the Virtual Console on the Nintendo Wii U.


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The game begins as a father tells his young kids a story about a trip from many years ago. It turns out he was exploring the galaxy when, one day, he discovered a strange planet. Everything on this planet was incredibly huge. He decided to call it Planet Earth. Unfortunately, a huge predator shows up and discovers the spaceship, breaking it into many pieces as if it was nothing more than a twig. To escape alive, he now has to find all of the pieces of his spaceship in order to be able to return home.


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There are fifteen pieces to collect and to do this, you’ll first need to clear a short set of training stages before you get started with your adventure. Your spaceship is always spinning around, so you’ll have to avoid colliding against the walls. You’ll move your spaceship with the left analog stick, speeding up by pressing and holding down the A button. Each level will have a safe area within which you’ll know that your spaceship won’t hit the walls. To clear a stage, you must reach the goal area. If you hit a spring, it will change the direction of rotation, which can come in handy when you need to pass a bend on the path.


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For every stage that you play, you can get up to a three-star rating, based on your performance. This is determined based on how much damage you took in a level, how many times you died on the stage, and how fast you were at completing the level. Every now and then, you’ll find a repair area on a level. When you reach it, you will recover any lost health so that you can continue to play with a full heart count. Because of this, the game has some extra replay value since you can keep replaying stages to get a three-star rating on every level. On top of this, you can also aim to get a Perfect rating for a level, which is awarded when you finish it within the three-star time limit without getting any damage.


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If you’re looking for a fun 2D arcade-style puzzle game on Nintendo Switch that will remind you of its Kuru Kuru Kururin inspiration, then Spinny’s Journey is certainly going to scratch that itch. The game has 50 levels to offer, along with some replay value for those of you who like to 100% the games they play. Spinny’s Journey is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Spinny’s Journey review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Thunder Sparrow.

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A fun arcade-style top-down puzzle game