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[Nintendo Switch] Genesis Noir Review

[Nintendo Switch] Genesis Noir Review
  • On April 19, 2021

Genesis Noir from Fellow Traveller and Feral Cat Den is a cool-looking adventure game set before, during, and after The Big Bang. Check our Genesis Noir review!


In Genesis Noir from Fellow Traveller and Feral Cat Den, you’ll take on a cool-looking adventure game that is set around the Big Bang. It tells a story of love and loss, of jealousy and betrayal, with an art style that makes everything pop, feeling alive as you move from location to location. You will play as No Man, who finds himself caught in a love triangle with Miss Mass and Golden Boy. The Big Bang is a gunshot fired at Miss Mass, and you must do whatever it takes to save her before it’s too late.

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Feral Cat Den took Genesis Noir to Kickstarter with a $40,000 funding goal. Thanks to the support of more than 1,700 backers, the project became a reality. While it initially had set its sights on a 2020 release, a pandemic sorta got in the way, so here we are in 2021 with the game finally hitting the Nintendo Switch with all its visual and musical flair. Is this one adventure worth checking out on Nintendo’s console?


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For Genesis noir, you’ll control No Man through a variety of story vignettes. Sometimes the left analog stick will be used to directly move him around the area and sometimes the analog stick will be used to move a cursor around the screen. In one or the other scenario, you’ll be able to interact with objects and characters with the A button. The game, unfortunately, is one of those point and click adventure games in which you can’t point and tap things by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen.


Genesis Noir Review - Seeds

This does lead to some moments when pressing the A button will, say, show No Man’s hand as he carries the white and dark seeds he has collected, so that you can then move the cursor on the screen to select where a seed is to be planted. The issue I ran into is that this configuration sometimes made it so that when I pressed the A button to see the seeds, nothing would happen. I had to close the game and boot it up again before the game would do things as it should have in the first place, so hopefully this is something that is fixed by way of a patch.


No Man will be marked by a swirly symbol after a cutscene, and it is this symbol that will be the key to controlling time so that he can do whatever it takes to save the lovely Miss Mass from Golden Boy’s killing shot. You’ll have to explore time and space to find the glowing diamonds that will lead you to each of the game’s chapters, where you’ll take on a variety of mini-games as you collect items, spin the background to move time forward at a faster pace, interact with other characters, and find more of the swirly symbols, so that you can obtain the energy needed to save the day.

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Genesis Noir is only going to last you around 3-4 hours total, but oh, what a journey it will be! The game oozes style, with a very interesting art direction and a great soundtrack that make this one stand out on Nintendo’s console. It’s a noir adventure spanning time and space in which you’ll do whatever it takes to save the love of your life. Genesis Noir is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price.

This Genesis Noir review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Fellow Traveller.

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A charming noir point and click adventure game about the Big Bang