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[PS4] In Rays of the Light Review

[PS4] In Rays of the Light Review

In Rays of the Light by Sometimes You is a remake of a 2012 game on PS5, with a story that will only be discovered by how you decide to explore the world around you. Check our In Rays of the Light review!


In Rays of the Light from Sometimes You, the story is not an obvious one with a clear plot, and how you see it pretty much depends on how you look at things around you and what notes you find and read throughout the game. Without spoiling the experience, what I can say is that you start the game in a room with an old TV that has nothing on. As you exit the room, you find a flashlight with a message telling you that it might help you. You find yourself in an abandoned school, and then you are pretty much on your own!

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The game is what you could call a walking simulator, with a few puzzles that will have you find items and observe the surrounding areas in order to progress. The X button allows you to use things, potentially with the item you currently have equipped. The Square button allows you to jump, although it’s pretty rare that you actually need to jump in the game. The Triangle button allows you to toggle your flashlight on and off, while the L2 button makes you run if you hold it down. The R1 button allows you to access your inventory.

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The game’s visuals are great, with a big emphasis on the contrast of places with light sources and the dark areas you have to explore with nothing but your flashlight. There is also a really good soundtrack accompanying the game that sets the mood into that creepy yet relaxing solo atmosphere. Although the game was sure beautiful to watch, I didn’t have an incredibly fun time playing. For starters, I’m not a fan of walking simulators, and even less when the storytelling is done in an “abstract” way like in this game. If you don’t find the optional notes scattered around the place (and even if you do, you don’t get a 200 pages story with them), you aren’t given a lot to actually get hooked on this world. The game does a good job of having you look around to see what you can grab and interact with, so you really have to be careful looking around and finding the right items so that you can solve the puzzles.

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As for the trophies, there are a few that could be missed, including one for finding the 12 notes available in the game. There are also two endings that are mutually exclusive, as one is for mostly staying in the shades while the other one is for having spent a lot of time in the light. Unless you use a guide to help you do things the right way, you’ll likely have to do two playthroughs to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection.

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In Rays of the Light is a beautiful-looking walking simulator for the PlayStation 5 that will be of interest to fans of the genre or for people looking for a quick Platinum trophy to add to their collection, given its budget $7.99 price.

This In Rays of Light review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Sometimes you.

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Atmospheric walking simulator lacking storytelling