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[Nintendo Switch] Say No! More Review

[Nintendo Switch] Say No! More Review
  • On April 29, 2021

NPG Say No! More is a charming and fun game in which you take on the role of an intern who decides it’s time to harness the energy of the word no. Check our review!


Say No! More from Studio Fizbin and Thunderful is a game that we featured a couple of years ago, and it’s finally out on Nintendo Switch! It’s billed as the world’s first NPG – a No!-Playing Game – in which you’ve had enough of a world in which everyone is expected to say yes. You play as an intern who has found the mighty power of using the word no a bit more often than usual. Your character won’t be able to say much at first, and every time you press a button, it will only manage to give out a small grunt at most.

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The game features easy-to-pick-up controls so that people of all skill levels can quickly get into the game and enjoy its quirky and charming design. You’ll be able to switch around between No! Modes by pressing up, down, left, or right on the D-Pad to move around Heated, Lazy, Wacky, and Cold. You can also quickly move between the previous No! Mode and the next one by using the L and R buttons. You say No, just press the A or B buttons, holding them down to charge up your attack. The left analog stick can also be used to mock people if you feel like it.


Say No! More Review - Customization

Before you get started with your mighty journey with the word No by your side, you’ll first need to pick your character. You can either go with one of the sixteen pre-created characters that the game offers to you, or you can go in and create your own character. You can select its face, hairstyle, glasses, add a beard, change the shirt, jacket, legwear, and shoes, pick a skin color, and then save your creation so that you can dive into what Say No! More has to offer. Oh, and you can also pick between two versions of how you’re going to say no in English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Icelandic, Dutch, Russian, Irish Gaelic, Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Polish and Spanish!

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You’re expected to be positive and always say yes to everything at the new company you’re where you’re about to start your first day. Unfortunately, your lunchbox will be taken by your new supervisor, which is not fun at all. Luckily, you find a motivational cassette and a walkman that shows you the might of one powerful word: No! You need to believe in yourself and listen to your heart as you say No to everyone in your path so that you finally gain the freedom you’ve always needed.


You’ll sometimes have to change how you make fun of people, as well as change between the different No! Modes so that you can get the reaction you need. Some people won’t move out of your way unless you do a specific thing, such as laughing at them to build up your confidence, before you can charge up a more powerful No that will take care of them. Perhaps clapping at them slowly before you give them a cold No is what is needed to get the job done? And maybe, just maybe, No could be a good word to motivate some people?

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Say No! More is a quirky and charming game with a funny setup, easy gameplay mechanics, and a short running time for a game that does not overstay its welcome. You’ll probably go through this unique adventure in a couple of hours at most, which is not a bad thing! Say No! More is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Say No! More review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Thunderful.

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Quirky and charming game with a funny setup