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[Nintendo Switch] Rip Them Off Review

[Nintendo Switch] Rip Them Off Review
  • On April 30, 2021

Minimalist puzzle game Rip Them Off is ready for you to maximize profits on Nintendo Switch. Come check our Rip Them Off review!


In minimalist puzzle game Rip Them Off from Lozange Lab, you’ll be tasked with mixing economic management with a dash of tower defense. The Board needs to see some massive profits, pronto. To achieve this, you must line the streets with stores so that the masses can’t resist buying something. You’ll have to make the most of the free lots to place some new stores now that the ads department has made sure that people can’t resist walking in to buy something. You must create an inescapable maze of retail stores to maximize profits!

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You’ll have to make sure that you use your budget wisely, spending your money to buy the right store at the right location at the right price. You should probably start things slowly so that you can get the hang of things before you boost the speed as you try to take as big a bite of the apple as possible. You can double and triple the speed at which potential customers walk down their lanes if you’re confident in your strategy and expertise.


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Something you should always keep in mind is the traffic flow of potential customers, which lanes they’ll walk through if a store’s entrance covers one or more lanes, as well as a store’s capacity. As a general rule, the more expensive a store, the higher its capacity, so it can have more customers inside to make the most of the day. Each new city you target will have a new challenge for you. Stores can also be upgraded to boost their capacity, how much profit is generated per sale, and how fast each customer will be in and out of the store, but upgrades are not cheap!

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There’s one more thing for you to consider when you’re setting up the stores for a stage: customers won’t buy from the same store type twice in a row. This means that you can’t just set up two of the cheaper stores one after the other, or else your potential customers will get angry and just skip the second store without spending a single penny. This is why you must make the most of the budget you have, because your goal will be to reach a specific cumulative profit, no matter how much you spend doing this.


Given the game’s nature, there’s going to be a lot of trial and error during your time with Rip Them Off. Some levels will have only one phase for you to worry about, while others could have several, which means you’re probably not going to find the right combination of stores during your first try. The good news is that if you, say, find a good combo of stores as a solution for the first phase of a stage, you can decide to restart from the second day instead of having to set things up again right from the start. The same can be done from the third phase if you just need to fine-tune the last final touches!

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I enjoyed my time with Rip Them Off, as I tried to find the best way to min/max my profits by spending wisely, setting up the right stores for the job at each stage, changing my strategy as I moved from phase to phase. It has an addictive gameplay loop that will keep you busy for several hours as you try to improve your overall score for each level. Rip Them Off is out on Nintendo Switch with an $8.99 asking price.

This Rip Them Off review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Lozange Labs.

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A fun and highly addictive game all about capitalism