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[PlayStation 4] Heal: Console Edition Review

[PlayStation 4] Heal: Console Edition Review

Heal: Console Edition from Jesse Makkonen and Ratalaika Games is an experimental puzzle game adventure from the creator of the DISTRAINT series. Check our Heal: Console Edition review below!

Heal is an experimental adventure game from the creator of DISTRAINT series, exploring the themes of aging and dementia.

The narrative is driven by a strong and obscure atmosphere, with instructions and dialog used only sparingly.


Heal is an interactive puzzle game in which you’ll be taking control of an old man. Heal explores some non-conventional themes such as aging since you’ll be living from the old man perspective. The first thing that surprised me when the game starts is the unique art style. You’ll be following this aged man and will have to solve puzzles in order to proceed through the seven chapters. The environments are creepy, but I thought that they added a lot to the experience.

Heal: Console Edition Review

As for the gameplay, you’ll move your character using the left analog stick as you interact with the puzzles. They are comprised of switches and various contraptions that you’ll have to figure out and solve. The early puzzles are quite obvious and easy to figure out, but as you progress, you’ll notice that the later puzzles are harder to solve. I particularly liked the third level, where you have to manipulate the time of day in order to solve some time-specific puzzles. The puzzles are varied, and I thought they were well designed and fun.

Heal: Console Edition Review

As I mentioned before, I really liked the game’s presentation. The art style really pops out. The main character is very well animated and designed. The different locations you’ll visit look great, even if they give out a creepy look and feel. The soundtrack is very calm, with a few piano tracks that do a great job of complementing the story.


On the trophies side, with this being a Ratalaika Games release, you can expect to add relatively easy Platinum to your collection without spending too much time. The trophy list is quite short, with two Bronze trophies, one Silver trophy, and eleven Gold trophies before you see that Platinum pop. They are awarded for progressing through the seven chapters, and the others unlock for some specific actions. All in all, it should take you less than 2 hours to get this Platinum trophy on your own, but you can cut that in half if you, say, follow a trophy guide.

Heal: Console Edition Review

I enjoyed playing through Heal: Console Edition. It was a great (and slightly creepy) experience. I liked the unique art style and the puzzle variety. If you’re looking for a fun game and a quick Platinum trophy to add to your collection at a low $4.99 price, then this game is a great option.

Here’s a trophy guide to help you get through if you ever feel stuck:

Heal: Console Edition Trophy Guide and Walkthrough

This Heal: Console Edition review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

Review Overview

Great puzzle game featuring an easy Platinum trophy