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[PS4] The Skylia Prophecy Review

[PS4] The Skylia Prophecy Review

The Skylia Prophecy by 7 Raven Studios is a side-scrolling action RPG about a young girl trying to prevent an evil prophecy. Find out if it’s worth it in our The Skylia Prophecy review!

Upgrade Mirenia with a level and magic system Over a dozen different locations Beautiful pixel art
Mirenia is an 18 year old girl on a quest for redemption. After unleashing an evil power when she was a teenager, she is now on her way to Tirkin Fortress to perform an ancient spell that should help her vanquish the very evil she unleashed three years ago.

Now, nearing the end of her quest, she arrives in the villages just outside the fortress, where monsters ravage; young women are being taken and men are being slaughtered. Armed with her trusted Shield Blade, Mirenia is so close to undoing the mistakes of her past. Will she succeed or ultimately only make matters worse?

The Skylia Prophecy is a sidescrolling action RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. As Mirenia, you will journey throughout the lands and towns, explore ancient dungeons, and battle hordes of the undead in this hard-as-hell adventure inspired by the ‘kill the player’ philosophy of the ‘Souls’ games. Along your way, you will meet the people of these lands, who will ask you to help them, sell you powerful items and reveal secrets to aid you on your journey. By interacting with the townsfolk, you will ultimately receive rewards that make the game easier in the long run – thus, you set the difficulty for the final stretch yourself!

Will you find redemption or ultimately end up among the dead?

The Skylia Prophecy will challenge you on every turn with its hard but fair difficulty, powerful bosses and exploration based riddles.

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At the end of the Nine Year War, the Dark Lord fell but was not killed. Since people feared another demon would try to take his place, so instead he has sealed away. Unfortunately, a young girl ignored all this and decided to kill the demon, bringing trouble to the world as the demons became relentless, attacking innocent people at will. One day, a group led by the girl’s foster aunt and one of the heroes of the Nine Year War stood against the demons. The young girl decided to finish everything with some dark magic, hoping that it would end all this. Unfortunately, her aunt feared that what she was trying to do is actually fulfill the prophecy instead of stopping it. From there, you will take control of Mirenia as she is on her way to the fortress where she thinks she can end all this.

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The game plays from a sidescrolling perspective, in levels that generally contain some platforming to do in order to reach different places. You can attack with your sword with the Square button and jump with the X button. The R2 button allows you to block using some type of energy shield, which is useful both to block projectiles as well as killing smaller enemies that your sword won’t reach. Early in the game, you’ll also gain access to spells that can be cast with the Triangle button.


When you start playing, there are bits of dialogues when you interact with villagers to know a little bit where you have to go, but it’s mostly done by exploration. In the towns, you can find some shops to purchase items as well as a place where you can pick up side quests to complete. While you advance in your adventure, there are a few scarce save points here and there, and if you should die, you’ll respawn to the last one where you saved your game.

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Visually, the game has some retro pixelated graphics that reminded me a bit of the old-school 16-bit era games, with a dark tone to them that didn’t have a lot to make things shine. It was like it’s trying to create a dark atmosphere, but this is applied to the backgrounds, the levels and, even to the hero and the enemies, which makes everything mix together.

When I started playing the game, I was hoping for a solid Metroidvania-style game, maybe with more of a Castlevania vibe to it. What I found instead was a game that felt rather bland, with nothing to truly keep you interested. The story is vague and didn’t really evolve into something that can keep you hooked, so clearly, that was not the reason why you would stick with it. The gameplay also felt rather simple, even with the addition of spells. Your attacks are basic, and you can’t even attack small enemies since you literally have to hold the block button until they get close to your barrier. There are even places where bombs are on the floor, and unless you have a spell attack, you have to find the pixel-perfect spot where you can trigger the bomb with your shield so that it doesn’t damage you.


So what good part is left? The trophies, at least! If you’re aiming to add another Platinum to your collection, you’ll need to defeat every enemy in the first section of the game and then a few in the second part because there seems to be a glitch in the trophy about clearing all enemies in the first area. All the other trophies are pretty much self-explanatory and will pop as you defeat enemies, upgrade your health and magic points, and explore all areas in the first act.

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Apart from the easy platinum, The Skylia Prophecy pretty much missed its mark. It sets out to pay homage to the classic Castlevania series with an old-school look and feel, but it feels like it’s missing something. The Skylia Prophecy is out on PlayStation 4 with a $6.99 price.


This The Skylia Prophecy review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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Easy side-scrolling 2D action game that missed its mark