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[PlayStation 4] ScourgeBringer Review

[PlayStation 4] ScourgeBringer Review

ScourgeBringer by Dear Villagers, Plug In Digital, and Flying Oak is an interesting roguelite platformer on PS4. Find out more in our ScourgeBringer review!


After bringing ScourgeBringer from Flying Oak Games to the Nintendo Switch last year, Dear Villagers and Plug In Digital have launched the game on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. The story of the game is about something that came out of nowhere in the sky, spreading what they call The Scourge across the land, causing many deaths. They thus named it the ScourgeBringer. Many people ventured into it, trying to find answers as to why it’s there, but nobody ever returned from it. One day though, the strongest warrior of all, Kyhra, was designed to go inside the ScourgeBringer to find the answers people were looking for and repeal this thing from the world.

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The game is played from a sidescrolling perspective, with the left analog stick used to move around. The X button is for jumping, and the R1 button is used to perform a dash attack. As for your attacks, the Square button is for your regular slash attacks, while the Triangle button performs a smash attack, which is a stronger version that can eventually push bullets back at your enemies. Your gun, which recharges as you hit your enemies, can be used with the R2 button without the need to aim since it’s done automatically.


When you start in a realm, you are in a single-screen room, and there can potentially be a door on all four sides of the screen. With the maps being procedurally generated, you’ll never experience the same layout twice. Most of the time, you’ll enter a new room where there are enemies, and your goal is simple: eliminate all of them. A second wave shows up after you cleared them all, and after, that the room is completed. After this, you can pick up any power-ups enemies might have dropped, potentially find some logs that give you more details on the history surrounding the ScourgeBringer, and then it’s off to take on another room. You’ll eventually reach a room where the realm’s boss, a Judge, is located. You must defeat the Judge to proceed to the next realm.

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If you end up defeated by a Judge or even a regular enemy, you respawn at the Chiming Tree. It is there that you have the opportunity to improve your character with some permanent upgrades before heading back to find the ScourgeBringer. When you go back, you’ll start at the beginning of the first realm and have to make your way back, as if your previous run never happened. During each run, you’ll also find some rooms where there will be altars of blood that allow you to choose one of three upgrades that will stay with you until your death. Some of those include, for example, a boost of 33% to your HP or making it so that enemies that you stun will stay that way 50% longer.


Visually, the game has a nice, lean design with a pixel art style. There are few details on the screen, but this is by design since it only makes it better. It allows you to be able to focus on the action once a fight starts. Every time you enter a fight, the music kicks off into some rock/metal music to put some emphasis on the frenzied action, which is a great way of letting you know that it’s go time.

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The roguelite genre has become extremely popular over the last few years, thus bringing a lot of companies to develop games in that genre. The more there are, the better the chances that some of them will be bad or that are too similar to the rest. Fortunately, ScourgeBringer is far from being one of the bad ones. The gameplay in the fights is extremely fast-paced, to a point where you barely touch the floor while defeating every enemy on the screen, making for some very fun action sequences.

There is also something that was put in the game that makes it more accessible to a lot of people. For a start, it features an adaptive difficulty system that will either get easier or harder to ensure that your experience is satisfying while still being challenging. There are also accessibility options that allow you to reduce the game’s speed as well as the speed of bullets. Again, this can help people that have difficulties in that kind of game to be able to appreciate it and probably gradually level up their game by moving the speed back up.


In terms of trophies, you’ll be spending a lot of time playing ScourgeBringer to be able to add one more Platinum trophy to your collection. There are a few trophies for beating the bosses of the different realms and some for completely unlocking the skills of the skill tree. After that, though, there are trophies for beating the Ordeal with all rooms of all realms explored or for beating the Ordeal without any Blessing, something that can be quite challenging!

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ScourgeBringer does not necessarily reinvent the formula of roguelite games, but it definitely does an outstanding job at nailing that “just one more run” feeling that every fan of roguelite games will enjoy. Thanks to the different options that ScourgeBringer brings to the table to customize your experience, even those that might not have been fans of the genre will be able to get their feet wet thanks to this experience.

This ScourgeBringer review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Dear Villagers.

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Fun and accessible roguelite game!