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[Nintendo Switch] Jetboard Joust Review

[Nintendo Switch] Jetboard Joust Review
  • On May 17, 2021

Jetboard Joust from Freedom Games and Bitbull is a roguelike 2D shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about it in our Jetboard Joust review!


In Jetboard Joust from Bitbull and Freedom Games, you’ll be taking on a roguelike 2D shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch that pays homage to the old-school classics such as Defender. For many eons, all five worlds in the galaxy lived in peace until the mutants came to invade all of them. Citizens were abducted and enslaved, turning them into mutant soldiers. Below the ground of each planet, great treasure and powerful weapons were stored, protected by a gigantic mutant boss that would protect them at all cost. It’s now up to Super Jetboy to defeat all of the mutants to use their weapons against them in order to bring peace to the galaxy.

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Your goal is clear: stop the evil alien dudes from stealing the helpless little guys, or else they’ll turn them into mutants. Oh, and pretty much shoot anything that moves. You’ll be controlling Super Jetboy with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you avoid all bullets flying your way, firing your weapon with the A button and jousting with the B button. You can have more than one weapon available, so you can switch between them with the ZR button.


You’re going to have to collect small, medium, and large coins to use as cash to upgrade and repair your weapons, jetboard, and jetsuit after completing a level. When you die, you’ll have a chance to retrieve any cash left in your jetsuit during your next run. Other than your default weapon, other weapons will deteriorate and run out of ammo, so you’ll need to always keep this in mind. You can also collect the falling jetboards of the enemies you defeat to boost your shields and improve the condition of your weapons.

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Your joust attack is important since you’ll be able to take out multiple enemies at once while enjoying a small window of invincibility. Since it’s a very powerful ability, it will have limited activations, so you’ll have to collect power-ups to replenish them, as well as your lost health and ammo. The exception to this is the treasure chambers where new weapons and other important items are located. These will be packed with deadlier enemies that have a special resistance to your up-until-then very powerful joust attack, so you’ll have to rethink your strategy and do things differently.


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Jetboard Joust has an in-game achievements system, with twelve pages of objectives for you to complete. There’s one for defeating all enemies in a level, for completing a level with a 100% survival rate, for getting a combo of five or higher, defeating 12 enemies with one jetboard attack, saving a baby from abduction, saving 100 babies from abduction, having 10,000 coins in the bank, having 50,000 coins in the bank, retrieving cast from a lost jetsuit, getting an x500 killstreak, or completing the game in one playthrough, to name some examples.

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Jetboard Joust is a fun, and challenging arcade-style roguelike shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. There’s going to be a lot of trial and error in this game since you’ll have to learn from your mistakes as you meet new enemies, new guardians, and new weapons. You’ll also get to select the route you’re going to be taking during your run, based on what each new area will have to offer for you. These could be extra weapons, weapon upgrades, jetsuit upgrades, and more. Jetboard Joust is out tomorrow on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 price.

This Jetboard Joust review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Freedom Games.

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A challenging but fun 2D old-school infused roguelike shoot 'em up