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[Nintendo Switch] Flowing Lights Review

[Nintendo Switch] Flowing Lights Review
  • On May 18, 2021

Arcade puzzle shooter Flowing Lights is ready to go on Nintendo Switch. Learn more about this fun experience in our Flowing Lights review!


Flowing Lights from gFaUmNe is a colorful arcade puzzle shooter on Nintendo Switch. Your spaceship has been attracted by an unknown planet with unusually strong gravity, which makes moving your ray-looking ship up and down slopes a bit tricky. You’ll need to take into consideration the terrain’s layout since it will affect the flow of your bullets, as well as those of your opponents. Since the game does dive a bit into bullet hell territory, you’ll need to make sure to remember that your objective is not only to destroy every single enemy on your path but to do it in a way that allows you to move forward without your ship going boom.

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In Flowing Lights, you’ll be moving your ship around with the left analog stick, firing your plasma cannon with the A button, and unleashing a plasma comet with the B button. Just press and hold down the B button as you aim your shot before unleashing a powerful bullet that will travel the distance. You can boost a bit with the L button, which can help you get closer to enemies as you avoid the many different bullet patterns on your path. Trial and error is a big part of the overall experience, as you find new ways to complete each of the fights to improve your overall score, climbing from a C rank all the way up to the coveted S rank.


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The game can be played either on Easy, Normal, or Hard difficulty. For Easy, the game is 15 slower, and each successful combo gives you an additional side, but the score and leaderboards are disabled. Normal is the standard experience for you to enjoy, just as the developer intended. And then, there’s the Hard difficulty setting, for which you have an improved boost with a 30% reduced cooldown period, but your max lives go down from six to four, and orange bullets will always destroy your ship, even if you have extra lives left. You can also combine this with an extra setting that makes your ship bump on bullets instead of being destroyed, as well as a bullet time mode that will make time around you slow down when the ship is close to an enemy bullet. Activating either one of these will disable scores and leaderboards.

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You’ll get a time bonus based on your rank, which depends on your overall score. For a B, you need to reach 5,000 or more points. For an A, you have to reach 10,000 or more points. And then there’s the S rank, which you get for having 20,000 or more points. Each one of these will determine the time bonus you get, times 120. On top of this, you also get bonuses for combos depending on how long you spend aiming and if you destroy any groups of enemies as you go. And as expected, there’s also a bonus based on accuracy, so you better make every shot count!


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If you’re looking for a fun arcade-style shooter with a puzzle twist to it, then Flowing Lights is just what you need. It has easy-to-pick-up controls, good tutorials that show you how new elements must be used to solve the increasingly more difficult puzzle segments in what starts to go into bullet hell territory where one false move and you’re done. Luckily the game has a great checkpoints system that saves your progress up to the last section you reached, so even when you die, you’ll only end up losing a few seconds at most. Flowing Lights is out on Nintendo Switch with a $9.99 asking price.

This Flowing Lights review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by gFaUmNe.

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Entertaining arcade-style puzzle shooter