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[PS5] Outbreak: Endless Nightmares Review

[PS5] Outbreak: Endless Nightmares Review

Outbreak: Endless Nightmares by solo developer Dead Drop Studios is a roguelike survival horror game inspired by the classics of the genre. Find out if it’s worth playing in our Outbreak: Endless Nightmares review!


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Outbreak: Endless Nightmares from Dead Drop Studios kicks off after the events of the Outbreak: The Nightmare Chronicles. Lydia wakes up in front of a large building that is an abandoned hospital. The last thing she remembers is that she was crawling out of that courtyard with some severe injuries and a lot of destruction around her. From there, you’ll be on your own to try to unravel the mysteries surrounding your presence there.

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The game can be played from three different points of view. You can play in first-person, with an over-the-shoulder camera, or using some fixed camera angles, as was the case for the first trilogy in the long-running Resident Evil series. You can also select between the classic tank control scheme or a modernized approach that allows you to move a bit more fluidly. To move, you’ll be using the left joystick, and you can look around with the right one. The L1 button will be used to manually aim, while the L2 button will be for an automatic aim. After aiming, you’ll shoot with the R2 button, which can also be used to run when you’re not aiming. Your flashlight can be toggled with the Square button. The Circle button opens your inventory, and the Triangle button allows you to check your map.


When you start in the courtyard hub, you’ll be able to interact with ghost-like creatures that partially serve as tutorials for the game. By partially, I mean that they sometimes tell you things that can be used to know how the game plays, but they will often tell you cryptic things that don’t really make any sense. Other than that, you have to explore to eventually find a way into one of the anomalies. With the game adding roguelike aspects into the mix, you can expect to die quite a few times, which will bring you back to the start so you can plan your weapons and items for the next run.

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Visually, the game suffers quite a lot. The graphics are a bit outdated, especially considering this is a PlayStation 5 release. This could be overlooked since the game has been created by a single dev, but where the game falls short is when you look at the assets and animations that feel like they haven’t been completed, which is weird considering this is the sixth game in the series. Then there are the cameras. Unfortunately, the three available options feel broken. The first-person camera pops out to over-the-shoulder when you get close to a wall. The over-the-shoulder one feels extremely sluggish. And the fixed cameras are so poorly placed that a lot of times, you can’t even see where you can go and the points of interest around you, forcing you to toggle to other modes.


Then there was the way you are thrown in the game with pretty much no explanations and with tutorials that don’t serve much, which simply gave the game a bad start as to what it could offer. As you wander around, it takes quite some time to actually find and get into your first anomaly, way too much to spark an interest in the game. There’s also a tactical cam mode that you can activate to literally explore the whole map, crossing walls and going out of the game’s scene if you want, which kind of defeats the purpose of the game being a roguelike horror game.

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As for the trophies, the majority are tied to story progression, except for a few for things such as reparing or upgrading weapons. It’s also worth noting that there is no Platinum trophy for this game, which seems odd for a game releasing in 2021. What you will find is one Gold trophy, five Silver trophies, and five Bronze trophies to unlock.

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Outbreak: Endless Nightmares is, unfortunately, a game I can’t recommend. The camera issues I mentioned make the game extremely difficult to play. If you are going to provide fixed camera angles and then also add first-person and third-person options, then all of them should feel natural and functional. Outbreak: Endless Nightmares is out on PlayStation 5 with a $19.99 asking price, and, at best, it feels like a broken PlayStation 1 game.

This Outbreak: Endless Nightmares review is based on a PlayStation 5 copy provided by Dead Drop Studios.

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Failed attempt at classic survival horror