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[PlayStation 4] Loopindex Review

[PlayStation 4] Loopindex Review
  • On June 25, 2021

Loopindex from Ratalaika Games and Somepx is a top-down puzzle game in which you must help two robots escape. Check out our Loopindex review!


In Loopindex from Ratalaika Games and Somepx, you’ll be taking on a top-down puzzle game in which you must help two robots escape. You’ll do this by controlling them one at a time – or by enlisting the help of a friend to take on the game in some good, old-fashioned local co-op – so that both robots can get to the lift that will allow them to exit the floor, going deeper and deeper into the complex. There are over 70 levels to complete, as you use the main gameplay mechanic: looping.

Loopindex Review - 3


The controls are easy to pick up. If you’re on your own, you’ll move the robot you’re currently controlling by using the left analog stick or the D-Pad. You can interact with objects, such as pushing a box, by pressing the Circle button. You can switch between the two robots by pressing the X button. Once you’re controlling a robot, you can press the Square button to loop your current action, which really means the exact direction in which said robot is currently walking. This is important because there are some areas with red stripes that will prevent you from giving the robots any orders.


Loopindex Review - Bomb

At first, you’ll only have to step on switches to open doors or lower the deadly spikes so that you can reach the lift. One robot can help the other by temporarily stepping on top of a switch to allow it to move out of a tricky spot in that level. You might need to push a box on top of another. After this, new elements are thrown into the mix. There will be arrows on the floor that will send your robot walking in the direction they’re pointing, frogs you can push in a direction so that they can jump until they hit something to stop them – and they can also jump over water. There will be bombs to blow up blocks. You might need to control a crane to grab hold of a metal block to drop it on top of a switch.

Loopindex Review - Frog


As for the trophies, this one is from Ratalaika Games, so of course, it has a full trophy list for you to work your way through. The good news is that there are no missable trophies in this one since you’ll unlock all trophies as long as you complete all levels from 1 to 49 – which, yes, is most of the game. You’ll have to use the strength of both robots to push metal blocks, be careful about guns shooting at you, and take on the first boss of the game before you can add that Platinum to your collection. Oh, and shoo mice towards switches so that they help you complete level 49.

Loopindex Review - Boss

If you’re looking for a chill top-down puzzle game with a good difficulty curve that will challenge you without feeling overwhelming, then Loopindex is a good option for you on PlayStation 4 – and PlayStation 5 since this is a cross-buy release. Loopindex is out on PlayStation with a low $4.99 asking price.

This Loopindex review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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A fun and chill top-down puzzle game