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[Nintendo Switch] Skyland Rush - Air Raid Attack Review

[Nintendo Switch] Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack Review
  • On June 29, 2021

Review Overview

A colorful and fun shoot 'em up that can't escape its mobile roots


Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack from Zerouno Games is a colorful 2D shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack review!


In Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack from Zerouno Games, you’ll be taking on a colorful 2D shoot ‘em up on Nintendo Switch. You’ll journey through the sky of Skylandia on an adventure as you battle against giant bugs, witches, robobirds, monsters, and more, as you help Zenya. You’ll move your character with the left analog stick. Your ship will autofire, so you’ll only have to worry about lining up your attacks to hit the many colorful enemies you’ll meet. If you collect a superweapon, you’ll be able to unleash it by pressing the B button.

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For each chapter that you play, there will be a bunch of medals for you to try and collect by completing different objectives. These can include collecting a set number of coins, destroying X and Y percentage of the enemies, freeing all locked souls, completing a chapter with no flags, and beating the guardian for the chapter – what we usually call a boss. To unlock more levels, you’ll have to earn medals to unlock the next chapters in the game. You’ll have to collect purple eggs – egglings – during each of your runs to be able to unlock special fights against Titans, powerful creatures that will test your abilities.

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There will also be missions you can complete to be rewarded with coins. As you complete more missions, you will get new missions to work on. These missions include objectives such as playing three games, activating ten switches, or cashing in ten or more lucky boards during a single ride. You can also use flags to continue from the last checkpoint you reached before your run was over, but this will, of course, keep you from getting one of the medals that I have mentioned above.

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The coins that you collect can be used to purchase permanent upgrades, which will allow you to extend subsequent runs through each area. They won’t come cheap, so you’ll need to pay attention to what you’ll be spending your coins on. You could, for example, start by spending 4,500 coins to upgrade your weapon so that you can deal more damage, or save up to increase your heart containers so that you can get an extra hit before you die – and have to pay coins to continue your run. Perhaps saving up 200,000 coins so that you can earn double coins would be a good investment?


All of those coins can also be spent on charms, which are special power-ups that will be effective for a set number of hours, which means that if you want to get more bang for your buck, you’ll have to purchase and equip a charm and play the game for a handful of hours to maximize your investment. You could purchase a shield, extra containers to contain extra hearts, dual cannons for twice the firepower, a life refill item, or fully reloading all of your bombs so that you can destroy everything in your path for a while.

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While Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack is a colorful and fun shoot ‘em up, it’s not a perfect experience on Nintendo’s console. The issue with the game is that it shows its mobile roots with how expensive permanent upgrades and charms are vs. how many coins you can get for each run you do. As expected, this one offered in-app purchases on mobile so that you can speed things up and get a bunch of coins to purchase upgrades. Since upgrades do make a difference – even buying a couple of improvements for your main gun can make a big difference, playing over and over again on Switch to get enough coins to be able to buy something makes this a very repetitive experience. While Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack is out on Nintendo Switch with a $6.99 asking price.

This Skyland Rush – Air Raid Attack review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Zerouno Games.