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PlayStation 4] Mina and Michi Review

PlayStation 4] Mina and Michi Review
  • On July 1, 2021

Mina and Michi from eastasiasioft, lightUp, and Ratalaika Games is a top-down puzzle adventure on PlayStation 4. Learn more in our Mina and Michi review!


In Mina and Michi from eastasiasioft, lightUp, and Ratalaika Games, you’ll be taking on a top-down puzzle adventure on PlayStation. You’ll be experiencing a colorful world as you solve puzzles and take on the enemies and bosses that get in your way. The game has a very The Legend of Zelda vibe to it, feeling like a game that sits between the 8-bit and 18-bit eras. Pushing blocks on top of switches to solve small puzzles, stepping on buttons that open doors so that the other character can go through, these are going to be part of the gameplay loop for Mina and Michi.

Mina and Michi Review - 1

The game can be played either on Easy, Normal, or Hardcore. Normal is the regular experience, offering infinite lives so that you can retry sections over and over again. If you play on Easy, both characters will have more health and stamina, enemies will be easier to beat, they will drop more items, and you’ll also have infinite lives. And then, there’s the Hardcore difficulty setting, which is only recommended for when you know what you’ll be going up against since you’ll only have one life!

Mina and Michi Review - 2we reviewed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita -, sharing the same colorful presentation and graphics. You’ll also have to find silver and gold keys in Mina and Michi to be able to unlock doors, as well as treasure chests. As you move through the foliage, you will also get to collect crystals, which can be used to open up some paths, or items that you can eat to recover some of the health you’ve lost.

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With this one being from Ratalaika Games, that means there’s going to be a full trophy list for you to add a new Platinum trophy to your collection. It’s not a short list since it includes only eleven Gold trophies. The good news is that if you know what needs to be done, you could trophy hunt your way through this one in 20 minutes or so! The trophies will unlock for collecting a silver key, grabbing a gold key, finding the gloves to push blocks, the amulet to attack enemies, solving your first puzzle, finding a health upgrade, collecting a stamina upgrade, for recovering some of your lost health by eating something, for beating your first enemy, and for defeating the first and second bosses in the game.

Mina and Michi Review - Boss

If you enjoyed Milo’s Quest, then you’re going to enjoy Mina and Michi as well. It features a similar presentation as well as easy to pick understand gameplay mechanics, along with local co-op for up to two players, all for a low price. Mina and Michi is out on PlayStation 4 for only $4.99.

This Mina and Michu review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provide by eastasiasioft.

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A fun top-down puzzle adventure