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[Nintendo Switch] Overboard! Review

[Nintendo Switch] Overboard! Review
  • On July 9, 2021

Overboard! from inkle is a charming and fun adventure in which you’re trying to get away with murder. Check our Overboard! review!


In Overboard! from inkle, you’ll be taking on a charming and fun adventure as one Veronica Villensey, a former actress who has a deadly plan: kill her husband! After giving us the great 80 Days and Heaven’s Vault, the studio is back with a must-play game on Nintendo’s console. You’ll first think that Veronica had no real reason for doing this, but after subsequent runs, you’ll learn more and more information.

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After throwing your husband overboard – hence the game’s name, you will need to find a way to keep others from learning what you’ve done. Overboard! is a short game with lots of replay value, since you’ll need to play it from start to finish several times before you find all of the right choices that will lead you to the best possible outcome: getting away with murder and collecting the money from your late husband’s insurance policy.


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Every action you perform, every move you make, will consume some time out of the eight hours you have for getting away with murder. Move from one section of the boar to another, and time will also pass. Other characters will have schedules they’ll follow, so you will find them in their room at set times, on the deck at others, or perhaps in the boat’s chapel. You need to be careful, because each character will remember everything you say, and this could come back when you least expect it.

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Each run in Overboard! should last you around 30-40 minutes, and each extra run will allow you to use what you’ve learned to be able to find the right combination of actions, the right answers to each question from every character on the boat. The story paths you’ve taken and the actions you’ve performed will show up
In green from your second run and on, so that you can know what you need to tweak around to find your path to freedom.


You’ll have to find a way to outsmart those around you, trying to manipulate them into either believing that your husband was alive and well the last time you saw him – at a time different from when others are saying that he was pushed overboard – or find a way to blame someone else for the murder. Play your cards right, and you might be able to win the sympathy of enough people – and their favor – as to believe your version of the events, all while managing to have another person to take the fall.

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Overboard! was a pleasant surprise on Nintendo Switch, but the game’s quality shouldn’t have surprised me considering how much I enjoyed 80 Days, as well as Heaven’s Vault. It’s a clever game with a lot of replay value, alongside easy-to-understand gameplay mechanics, a great art style and a soundtrack that helps to set the scene for this 1935 adventure. Overboard! is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 asking price.

This Overboard! review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by inkle.

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