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[PS4] Super Destronaut DX-2 Review

[PS4] Super Destronaut DX-2 Review
  • On July 15, 2021

Arcade sequel Super Destronaut DX-2 from Petite Games and Ratalaika Games is ready to test your skills on PS4 and PS5. Check our Super Destronaut DX-2 review!


Sequel Super Destronaut DX-2 from Petite Games and Ratalaika Games is ready to test your skills on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. As was the case for its prequel, it’s a 1980s inspired shooter with a Space Invaders vibe to it. You have two options for playing: Arcade Mode or Challenges. Arcade Modes includes Classic Mode, which is the standard experience, Time Attack, which has you start with 30 seconds and you gain seconds from defeating enemies but lose seconds if you’re hit, Time Rush, which gives you 90 seconds to make the most of your multiplier to score as high as possible, Bullet Mode in which you have a limited amount of ammo and must make every shot count, and Hardcore Mode, in which the difficulty is dialed up considerably. Challenges will throw at you levels that mix and match the aforementioned modes.

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The gameplay is simple since it pays homage to its arcade predecessors. You’ll move your spaceship with the left analog stick or the D-Pad as you dodge enemies and their attacks. You can fire at them with the X button, collecting power-ups to improve your firepower to deal more damage and destroy each wave at a faster pace. If you ever feel overwhelmed, you can press the Circle button to slow down time as you continue to attack your enemies so that you can find a window of opportunity to avoid their shots while you deliver the killing blow.

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Trophy-wise, this one is from Ratalaika Games, so of course, it has a Platinum trophy for you to add to your collection. The objectives shouldn’t prove to be too hard, and you can probably get all trophies in an hour at most, depending on your skills. You’ll get a trophy for dying for the first time, another one for destroying the UFO that sometimes pops in at the top of the screen, and for completing the first two worlds for Challenge Mode. The rest are tied to scoring a specific number of points in Classic Mode, Time Attack Mode, Time Rush Mode, Bullet Mode, and Hardcore Mode.

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If you played Super Destronaut DX and wanted to play more of the same with some twists here and there while still remaining true to its Space Invaders homage roots, then you’re going to enjoy Super Destronaut DX-2. It offers a new Platinum trophy for trophy hunters to add to their collection, all for a low price of only $4.99.

This Super Destronaut DX-2 review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Ratalaika Games.

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A fun fast-paced arcade experience