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[PlayStation 4] Urban Trial Tricky Review

[PlayStation 4] Urban Trial Tricky Review

Jump on your bike, pop a wheelie, and go into a full Superman! Are you ready? Then check out our Urban Trial Tricky review!


Alright! Urban Trial Tricky Deluxe Edition is here!
Now, you can fully express yourself while exploring the urban jungle. With the full package of the motorbike tricks, style and extreme levels you will become unstoppable!

Exciting light-hearted casual gameplay
Crazy mix of tricks, platforming, and racing
Killer tricks to combine in countless combos
Super-smooth experience
3 single-player modes
Over 30 levels + side challenges
Savage customization options
Leaderboards to rule
Infinite gameplay
More freedom, more fun. Riding in both directions.

I typically love extreme sport arcade games. I’ve talked about my love for the Tony Hawk series and loved the remake of 1+2, which I recently Platinumed on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. I also have really liked the Trials games since I was introduced to the trials series on PS4 in 2014 with Trials Fusion. Regardless I was very excited about this.

Loading up Urban Trial Tricky you could pick one bike and one rider to begin your journey. You could see your potential unlocks, however only having one rider a white male seemed very tone-deaf, there should have been an option for other genders and skin colors for representation purposes. Everyone should feel included.

Once you were past that you’ll jump into six tutorial levels helping you learn the basics of locomotion, jumping, tricks, spins, and combos. It’s played on a 2D field with you moving left to right or right to left. Each level will have some objectives to earn stars that help you proceed to the next level. It’s a simple progression system, but I won’t lie… I struggled with the first level after the tutorial, the score required to get the number of stars I needed was really high and I spent a lot of time trying to get it with not much success. Thankfully it does get better, but honestly, that seemed like a major balancing issue and I could see that level of difficulty turning people off on the experience.

As you go you’ll see a few different types of levels including more arena-based score modes with you moving back and forth racking up high scores and keeping big combos going, you’ll have some stages that are more of a race to get through and others that seem like a puzzle that needs to be solved. It’s a good mix of designs to keep things from feeling like they are becoming stale.

That being said at the same time I never felt the depth was there to the gameplay overall. When you’re in arenas levels your tricks are limited, you can unlock more, but it does making your combos feel like they are the same trick strung together with wheelies, also there is a time window to keep the combo going and get a higher score, wherewith something like Tony Hawk you could perform a manual to link combos and the manual could be as long as you need to as long as you can keep the balance. The puzzle levels which are emulating more of the Trials series feel like, miss that mark as well. Trials felt like a precision perfect, and I just didn’t get that from Urban Trial Tricky.

I also felt the runtime was pretty short with the campaign ending in a couple of sittings, now with the goals, you can go back and keep working on perfecting the levels getting better scores, with the lack of depth I didn’t feel like I normally would with say the Tony Hawk games, I’m still jumping back into 1+2 and working on the immense amount of challenges available.

Visually the game looks great, it’s very vibrant featuring very fun and visually appealing levels. They are filled with details and it focuses interestingly on more verticality vs. your standard horizontal layouts. It’s also buttery smooth running at 60 fps with 4K visuals. The art style of the game looks great blending smooth gameplay with the interesting backdrops and creative bikes and characters you can unlock later in the game.

Urban Trial Tricky almost had me… it did, it has a bunch of gameplay elements I love, but the lack of depth really doesn’t give me a reason to keep coming back like I do other games. I think there is some fun to be had here, but I also don’t think it’s going to last very long for most people once the campaign is completed.

This Urban Trial Tricky review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by TATE MULTIMEDIA.

Review Overview

Fun arcade-style sports game that could feel a bit light on content