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[Nintendo Switch] Unavowed Review

[Nintendo Switch] Unavowed Review
  • On July 29, 2021

Unavowed from Wadjet Eye Games is a Rated M for Mature supernatural adventure you have to try on Nintendo Switch. Check our Unavowed review!


In Unavowed from Wadjet Eye Games, you will be taking on a Rated M for Mature supernatural adventure. A year ago, you were possessed by a demon and ended up leaving behind a trail of blood in New York City. You were lucky to have been rescued by the Unavowed, an ancient society dedicated to eradicating evil. You are now part of its ranks and must pay it forward by helping them vanquish evil entities as you try to redeem yourself. Do you have what it takes to make the right choices along the way?

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Your journey will begin as you customize your character. You will get to select its gender and name, as well as pick from three different backstories that will determine what its past looks like in order to better understand where its future might lead. Once you’re ready to go, you will get to select two companions out of the four available options so that they can join you on this new mission. Each potential companion will have its own skillset, allowing you to solve each scenario you run into in a different way.


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Unavowed can be played either with the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, using the analog sticks, the D-Pad, and the controller buttons, or the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen. The left and right analog sticks will move a cursor around the screen, with the left one moving it at a faster pace. The D-Pad can be used to jump around the different hotspots around the screen or to select between dialog options or buttons by pressing the A or B buttons. When no hotspot is selected, your character will walk. If you can use or look at something, speak to someone, or are ready to leave an area, the cursor will change to show the corresponding icon of a specific color.

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As expected, for this adventure game, you’ll have to solve puzzles by collecting and using items or by interacting with characters and using the right item. You can open your inventory and click or tap on an item, and then use it with a hotspot or with a character. To speed things up, you have the option of pressing the Y button to reveal all hotspots on the screen and cycle through all items in your inventory by pressing the L and R buttons. If you want to skip cutscenes – or cancel your current inventory selection – you can do so with the X button.


Unavowed is a solid adventure game with a great story, a great voice acted cast, and a classic look and feel that will keep you busy for many hours. On Nintendo Switch, it also offers a commentary track, which I suggest you activate during a second run with the game since it provides some valuable insight into how the game was created. Unavowed is out on Nintendo’s console with a $14.99 asking price.

This Unavowed review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wadjet Eye Games.

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An outstanding point and click adventure game on Nintendo Switch