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[PlayStation 4] Blightbound Review

[PlayStation 4] Blightbound Review

Blightbound by Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital is an action RPG that puts you in the control of an assassin, a warrior, or a mage in order to conquer the Blight. Check our Blightbound review!


In Blightbound by Ronimo Games and Devolver Digital, you’ll play an action RPG that puts you in the control of an assassin, a warrior, or a mage in order to conquer the Blight. The game’s story takes place long after some warriors defeated the Shadow Titan, a horrible beast that corrupted the land with the Blight, a fog that transforms everything into evil monsters. Now the only safe place is high in the mountains, so this refuge will serve as your hub before going on missions. Three heroes will be there for you to choose from when you start, which will have specific story details when you take them on specific missions, and more will become available as the story unravels.

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The game is played from the classic arcade-style beat ’em up perspective. When you start a mission, you can choose any of the characters you’ve unlocked so far, and the two others will be either online players or bots if you’re taking on an offline journey. You move around with the left analog stick and use the X button for dashing or dodging, depending on your character class – a useful ability that has a cooldown, so you can’t use it non-stop. The Square button is for your main attack, and Circle is for the special ability of your character. The Triangle and R1 buttons are for your Titan Skills, powerful attacks that have a longer cooldown, and the R2 button is for your Ultimate attack, which is charged as you attack and defeat enemies.


When you are in the hub, you’ll be able to customize your heroes with different equipment and also assign points you gain as you level up into any of the following attributes: Power, Agility, Vitality, Will, or Luck. Once this is done, you can select the mission you wish to play, which displays who will have their story evolve, as well as your party level and the recommended party level. Once you’re on a mission, there will be survivors you have to find and rescue as you try to complete the objectives required for completing the mission. You’ll come across multiple rooms and some longer areas to explore as you fight a few waves of enemies here and there before being able to proceed until you reach the boss for the stage.

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Visually, the characters and environments look great when you’re in the missions. Where the game falls short is in the different menus. Even when put at the biggest available size, the text looks incredibly small. There is also no option for subtitles option, so in terms of accessibility, the game is clearly lacking. There are also quite a few menus that appear overlapping on other parts of the menus, with some even preventing you from reading what’s under them with no possibility of moving them away.


From the game’s description, I thought I was in for an indie Diablo, so I was looking forward to it. The accessibility and menu issues mentioned above didn’t start things the right way, though. Then I started playing the missions, and things didn’t really get any better. Combat felt a bit off, in a way that there wasn’t really a possibility to dodge or fight your way without getting hit. I liked the fact that the three different classes offer the possibility of different playing styles.

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When playing with the AI bots, though, it simply felt like they didn’t have time to finish them. In some parts where you have to press the X button for your character to roll under some hazards, the bots will simply rush through the traps, even killing themselves in the process. And if you’re in a difficult part where you die and have to wait to be revived, both bots would take their time to come for you or would simply continue the fight without trying to revive you, ending up in you having to restart that part.


As for the trophies, if you can get past the issues mentioned above, you’re probably in for a long run before reaching the Platinum trophy. There are a lot of trophies tied to achieving certain milestones with different characters, so there will be a lot to do in that aspect. For example, you’ll need to restore 500,000 health with life-stealing effects with a specific character. You’ll also need to complete the personal goals of twenty different heroes, so even the ones that don’t have a trophy tied to them will require you to spend a lot of time playing with them.

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Blightbound looked promising, but unfortunately, the presentation suffers, and the gameplay feels a bit flat. Having a decent AI could’ve helped when you’re not playing online with other players, but even this was missing some polish to make the game interesting. Blightbound is out on PlayStation 4 with a $19.99 asking price.

This Bligthbound review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Devolver Digital.Promising action-RPG that misses its mark

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Promising action-RPG that misses its mark