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[Nintendo Switch] Induction Review

[Nintendo Switch] Induction Review
  • On August 30, 2021

Induction from Bryan Gale is a fun abstract puzzle game on Nintendo Switch about time travel and paradoxes. Learn more in our Induction review!


Induction from Bryan Gale is a fun abstract puzzle game on Nintendo Switch about time travel and paradoxes. Your objective is to collect the white squares in each level so that you can then try and do it all over again on the next one. The game includes 50 levels to complete, with a difficulty that gradually increases as new elements are introduced at a steady pace, as to not overwhelm you. The experience is accompanied by an Ambiental soundtrack by Tim Shiel that does a great job of offering a chill and rewarding experience.

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For this puzzle game, you’ll move your square with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, pushing cylinders onto the corresponding outline so that you can activate bridges to cross over gaps. By reaching the outlines for your square, you can press the A button to set up a time loop by which another square will repeat your actions up to that point. After this, you’ll be able to take control of your square so that you can take advantage of what the second square will do after you activate it. You can reset a puzzle by pressing and holding down the X or Y buttons and can rewind time or speed it up by pressing the L and R buttons, respectively.

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The gameplay is easy to understand, but you’ll need to pay attention to every move you make because every step you take will be mimicked by the cube copy you create. The thing is, you’ll be able to create more than one copy, with each subsequent cube having a different color and a path to match said color, so if you don’t plan this just right, you’ll have cubes that also copy your mistakes, keeping you from completing the level. You’ll have to learn from your mistakes as you find what went wrong and adjust accordingly.


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Trial and error are going to be a big part of your gaming cycle with Induction. At first, you’ll feel like a pro as you beat the starting four stages. But as soon as you make the jump to the next tier of puzzles, you hear something click in the back of your head, letting you know that things just got real. You will think that you have the solution to a puzzle, only to realize that you made a mistake along the way and got rid of a bridge with disintegrating blocks that will keep one of your variants from completing the steps needed for you to reach the final cube. And once you’re in the final set of puzzles, you’ll need to give it your all. I suggest that you take a deep breath and walk away if any of the puzzles during the last group stump you, or else you’ll end up feeling frustration set in.

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Induction is a fun abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes that you should check out on Nintendo Switch. It offers 50 stages to take on, with a difficulty curve that will not overwhelm you, as the game introduces new elements at a steady pace. Induction is available on Nintendo Switch for $8.99.

This Induction review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Bryan Gale.

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Fun abstract puzzle game about time travel and paradoxes