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[Nintendo Switch] Boyfriend Dungeon Review

[Nintendo Switch] Boyfriend Dungeon Review
  • On September 17, 2021

Boyfriend Dungeon from Kitfox Games gives us an interesting scenario: What if you could use the loot from dungeon crawling to date your weapons? Check our Boyfriend Dungeon review!


Kitfox Games, who previously brought us personality test RPG Moon Hunters, as well as cult management sim The Shrouded Isle, is now back with Boyfriend Dungeon, a game with a very different look and feel when compared to the other two. Boyfriend Dungeon asks a simple question: What if you could use the loot from dungeon crawling to date your weapons? You’ll have male, female, and non-binary romancing options, so that as many people can get to enjoy this particular adventure.

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Boyfriend Dungeon had a Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, with a main goal of just a little over $65,000 CAD to create the game for a Steam release. After the campaign was over, the team ended up with over $272,000 CAD pledged from the support of almost 7,000 backers! It’s now 2021, and the game has been ported to the Nintendo Switch, so that you can explore the dunj at home or on the go, as you decide what to gift your weapon to take things in the relationship to the next level.


The game takes place in Verona Beach, where monsters pose a very real danger for people. Since you’re in need of some extra cash, you take a Summer job to clear thee dunj from the many monsters. You have several options for the arsenal for your dunj crawling adventures, as well as for potential romancing. As you soon find out, the weapons that help you defeat the monsters can transform into humans… and they’re all single! This is great, since you’re also single and ready to mingle.

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For this roguelite/dating sim mix, romancing your weapons will allow you to improve their stats, which will be useful for subsequent dunj runs. The dunj segments will play out from an isometric perspective, and you’ll have to run, dodge, and attack monsters in real time. Depending on the weapon you use, your attacks will vary, with some being faster, while other pack a bigger punch but have a slower attack sequence. As expected, the romancing segments play out similar to what you’d expect to find from a visual novel release,


As a heads-up, the game starts with a content warning about how Boyfriend Dungeon will have some situations you’ll run into during your time with the game. It says, and I quote: “This game’s story involves exposure to unwanted advances, stalking, and other forms of emotional manipulation. Play with care and take breaks as needed.” There will some themes that will be of a sensitive nature, but the aforementioned content warning will definitely apply to one character in particular that is integral to the storytelling, which I won’t mention and I won’t discuss any further as to not spoil things.

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The weapons you’ll be able to fight with as you explore each dunj, as well as potentially romance during your off-time, include Valeria (a dagger), Sunder (a Talwar), Isaac (an estoc), Sawyer (a glaive), Seven (a lasersaber), Rowan (a scythe), and Pocket (brass knuckles!). Two more weapons will be added at a later date, since they were added by way of stretch goals from the Kickstarter campaign: Jonah (an axe) and Leah (a hammer). Once they’re available, you’ll have more content to enjoy!

During the dunj sections, you’ll control your character with the left analog stick. Your weapon can be used for light attacks with the Y button, and heavy attacks with the X button. You can also dodge with the B button by timing it just right, so that you can avoid enemies and their attacks. You can equip a Zine in a dunj to activate special attacks with the R button. Perhaps you’d like to breath fire at your foes? If you find recipes for more Zines you can craft them back at your apartment. If you’re hurt you can use a beverage to recover your health by pressing the L button.

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What can you gift your weapon? You can use your money to purchase items such as a digital camera, lipstick, or a jacket. You can also procure recipes for crafting weapons, as long as you also happen to have the right ingredients! As you explore a dunj, you’ll end up finding a ton of resources you can put to good use. Perhaps your date would like a hand-crafted bracelet? Valeria really liked the bracelet I made for her, and it almost allowed me to instantly level her up! As your relationship with weapons levels up, good stuff will happen. As an example, Valeria will allow you to confuse enemies for a second when you roll out of their sight, which can help you take a short breather to recover your health or to unleash a mighty combo.

Boyfriend Dungeon is a nice mix of some lite dungeon crawling (or dunj crawling) with a dash of visual novel romancing, wrapped in a colorful package on Nintendo Switch. Do be aware of the aforementioned content warming for the game, so that you know what you’ll be playing through, since there are some characters and scenarios that are part of the main story that could be triggering for some. Boyfriend dungeon is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price, and it’s definitely a game you should check out on the console.

This Boyfriend Dungeon review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Kitfox Games.

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Dungeon crawl and then date your weapons!