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[Nintendo Switch] Blaster Master Zero 3 Review

[Nintendo Switch] Blaster Master Zero 3 Review
  • On September 21, 2021

Blaster Master Zero 3 is the latest game in the revamped take on the action-packed classic, and it’s out now on Nintendo Switch? Are you ready? Then check our Blaster Master Zero 3 review!


After how much fun I had with Blaster Master Zero 2 from Inti Creates, I was definitely ready for a new adventure with Jason, Eve, and the SOPHIA tank, which is why it’s great that Blaster Master Zero 3 is finally! With this one being the third entry in the Blaster Master Zero series, it will also act as the finale for the Jason Saga. To save Eve, you’ll be traveling to where it all started: planet Sophia! With this one being a direct sequel, the story picks up after the events from Blaster Master Zero 2. After arriving at planet Sophia, an unknown threat is already waiting. They’re attacked and separated by the Sophia Force. After Jason manages to escape, he must do whatever it takes to rescue Eve and find out what is really going on.

Blaster Master Zero 3 Review - Start

You’ll control the G-SOPHIA SV tank and Jason with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, shooting with the Y button. When riding around the G-SOPHIA SV tank, you can press the R button to aim diagonally and can change between the available special weapons by pressing the L button, unleashing their power with the A button. Jason can exit the tank with the X button, jumping with the B button, while pressing it again will allow him to activate a small jet burst that will slow down your fall.


When Jason is exploring an area from a top-down perspective, he can shoot with the Y button and use a special and more powerful attack with the A button. If you use the L button, you can switch between the weapons at your disposal, depending on how many power-ups you have collected. If you press and hold the R button, you’ll be able to lock onto the direction you’re facing so that you can move around while shooting in that direction. The B button will allow Jason to do a quick dash, which is crucial for staying alive. During the counterattack window, you can press the X button to unleash a powerful attack on any nearby enemies.

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Something new is that when you jump out of your tank by pressing the X button, you can immediately press the Y button to have Jason shoot a volley of bullets towards the nearest enemy, which is a good way to protect both the G-SOPHIA SV and Jason. Another new thing to this third entry that changes how you about exploring each location that you visit is the VRV system. The VRV system allows you to dive into another dimension by pressing the L and R buttons at the same time, which certainly changes the pacing of this new adventure.


As expected, there are many items for you to collect that can boost the G-SOPHIA SV, Jason, or both. You can find items that can boost the overall SP total of the G-SOPHIA SV, increase the HP of both the tank and Jason, lower the energy consumption of Jason’s dash – which will be very useful during boss fights when playing as Jason -, add disposable shields to protect your tank from one hit or disposable shields to protect Jason’s energy and gun level from dropping from a hit – and you can hold a max of 16 for each one.

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If you enjoyed the first two games in the Blaster Master Zero series, then you’re going to have a lot of fun with Blaster Master Zero 3. It expands on the lore of the Blaster Master series while adding new gameplay elements for both Jason and the new G-SOPHIA SV tank that help to keep things feeling fresh. After the excellent job that Blaster Master Zero did to revive the foundations set by the classic NES game for a new generation and all the planetoid exploration of its sequel, Blaster Master Zero 3 is an excellent way to end the Jason Saga on a high note. Blaster Master Zero 3 is out on Nintendo Switch with a $14.99 price.

This Blaster Master Zero 3 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provide by Inti Creates.

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An excellent way to end the Jason Saga on a high note