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[PlayStation 4] Embr Review

[PlayStation 4] Embr Review
  • On September 23, 2021

Embr from Muse Games and Curve Digital is a first-person experience in which you’ll fight fires and save lives. Learn more in our Embr review!


Embr from Muse Games and Curve Digital is a first-person experience in which you’ll fight fires and save lives. You are about to become an Embr Responder, all with the convenience of flexible work hours. All you need is a bit of training, one small payment, and you’ll be certified to fight against the raging fires that consume all in their path! You can take on this new experience on your own, or enjoy some online cross-play with up to four players to try and make it easier to survive each scenario. Just use the handy app on your phone to take on new jobs, and try to earn as much as possible while staying alive!

Since you’ll be playing Embr from a first-person perspective, you’ll move your characters with the left analog stick, as you look around with the right one. You can jump with the X button, and can run by pressing in on the let analog stick. To interact with something or someone, press the Square button. To throw something, press the Triangle button. If you have a grenade on you, press the Circle button to toss it. You’ll have some tools to aid you on your job, and you can switch between them with the L1 and R1 button. To use them, press the R2 button for its primary function and the L2 button for its secondary action.


Your journey will start at the Embr Career Fare, where your skills will be put to the test to see if you have what it takes to be part of the Embr team. You will learn all of the basics, such as using your tools to put out a fire – water is usually the most important resource at your disposal -, using your axe to break down a door, and how you should always look at how electricity is traveling through a room, because it will travel through water and can end up dealing you considerable damage!

The fact that electricity travels through water can also be used to your advantage, since it can help you bring power to some switches that can open doors for you. Something else you need to watch out for is gas, since it can end up hurting your character and deplete all of its health in seconds! Always keep an eye out for any air conditioner units that you can activate to remove the gas. If there are none in the area, use your handy axe to break open a window to clear the gas at a slower pace.


When playing Embr, you can try to complete the daily goals and the weekly goal. As its name suggests, the daily goals will change every day, giving you something new to try do during your time with Embr. A weekly goal will give you all week to complete, and you can sometimes combine it with some of the daily goals. These can include returning cash to your clients, completing a mutator challenge, completing five-star missions,

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As you complete each main mission, and take on some side jobs such as delivering food – or maybe doing your best cat burglar impression during special missions – you will earn money. You can use this money at the shop to purchase tools and upgrades, new gear to customize your character, and more! For example, you will get to use a ladder during the tutorial segment, but once you’re hired by Embr, you won’t actually have said ladder in your inventory! The good news is that you can immediately visit the shop and buy a collapsible ladder for $50, so that you can climb to new heights!


You can’t just take every single tool you own with you, so you’ll have to decide what to take with you on a mission by visiting the loadout section. You should definitely have your water gun to get rid of any fires, as well as your axe to break down through doors. Other than that, a collapsible ladder is a good option, and so will be the case for a grenade you can throw in the middle of a room to immediately eradicate any fire in its blast area. You can have up to three loadouts preconfigured, so that you can quickly pick the best one for the job.

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Going back to the gear that you can purchase to change your character’s look, I do want to mention that these are not merely cosmetic items, since they will also have an effect on some of your stats! For example, an appbulance cap and face mask combo will increase your overall tips by 30%, while lowering initial gas damage by 75%. An Embr branded baseball cap can give you a double jump. Or maybe you want to buy a red plaid shirt, which will increase your grip on clients. A pair of hazmat gloves could also prove to be useful, since it will double the speed at which you climb on ladders, while also lowering initial shock damage!

As for the trophies for Embr, it’s a game with a full trophy list waiting for you to complete a nice variety of objectives to add one shiny Platinum to your collection. The list includes fourteen Bronze trophies, nine Silver trophies, and six Gold trophies. The first trophy to pop will be the one for completing the tutorial that will give you access to the app. After this, you can get trophies for returning $500 to a client, buying every tool and upgrade, completing an Embr Eats mission, complete the missions in each district, or getting a five-flame rating on every rescue mission, to name some examples.

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Embr is a fun single-player and multiplayer first-person experience in which you’ll fight fires, save lives, recover cash and assets, deliver food on the side, or maybe take on the perfect heist. There’s plenty to do in Embr, and thanks to its cross-platform online multiplayer, you can take on this one alongside players from around the world. Embr is out on PlayStation 4 with a $19.99 price.

This Embr review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Curve Digital.

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Fight fires, save lives, deliver food on the side, or maybe take on the perfect heist