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[Nintendo Switch] Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins Review

  • On September 27, 2021

Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins from Maze Theory, Kaigan Games, and the BBC is a thrilling adventure on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins review!


Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins from Maze Theory, Kaigan Games, and the BBC is a thrilling adventure on Nintendo Switch. It brings back the Weeping Angels, who were first introduced way back in the episode titled “Blink” in Series 3 of the beloved BBC series during David Tennant’s tenure. It’s part of what you could call the “found phone” genre of games, which has included other projects such as Simulacra or Another Lost Phone: Laura’s Story, both of which are also available on the Nintendo Switch.

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If you’re not aware of who the Weeping Angels are and why having them front and center of this adventure game dials up the creepiness to 11, allow me to elaborate. The Weeping Angels are a race of predatory creatures that are pretty much as old as the universe. They’re evil life-forms that exist to feed on the energy of their victims. The twist? They don’t eat or kill their prey – with a handful of exceptions. Instead, they send their victims way back into the past, where they continue to live their remaining lifetime until death. This allows them to feed on the potential energy of the years that their victim would have continued to live in the present, thanks to the time paradox from sending said individual to the past.


The Weeping Angels get their name from how they resemble crying angel statues, usually covering their faces as to not observe other Weeping Angels around them. Why? Because when someone is looking at a Weeping Angel, they become quantum-locked in place, turning into stone without being able to move at all. While they’re extremely tough in this state, they’re incredibly powerful when no one is looking at them. They can move at great speed when no one is aware of their presence, as they run while covering their faces, right before their once gentle faces change, while they turn into demonic, almost vampiric creatures.

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The game can be played either on your TV screen or in Portable or Tabletop Mode by using the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con to control everything, or you could decide to lean fully into the “found phone” angle, turn the console on its side when playing in Portable or Tabletop Mode – or if you’re playing this one on a Nintendo Switch Lite – and use the console’s touchscreen to explore this adventure. When playing with the Joy-Con, you can move the cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, scrolling through the phone with the right one. The A button is for making selections, while the B button will be used for going back. The L and R buttons will be for switching left and right between tabs.


You’ll be joined on this journey by Petronella Osgood (played by actress Ingrid Oliver in a handful of Doctor Who episodes), who will aid you in investigating the mysterious events surrounding the reappearance of the Weeping Angels. Also making an appearance is Larry Nightingale (played by Finlay Robertson), as well as a special appearance by Jodie Whittaker as the voice of the Thirteenth Doctor, to really connect fans with the Doctor Who universe.

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When interacting with Osgood, you’ll either be getting calls from her or receive text messages. You won’t have much of a say during calls, but when you get texts, you can select between the available reply options for your answer. You won’t be typing in full answers on your own because that would be a bit too open-ended for a story-driven game like Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins. You will be able to use a scanning kit that Osgood remotely installs on the phone so that you can use it when it turns yellow to scan any potential clues that might lead you to solve the mystery at hand.


You’ll test this during the initial tutorial segment after Osgood overrides the phone’s self-destruct sequence and introduces herself. She will ask that you find a photo of someone in particular and then mentions the scanning kit that you’ll be using during your short adventure. So off you go into the phone’s gallery – which is one of the only two unlocked apps on the phone. You’ll have to progress through the game to be able to use the browser, phone, chats, and mail apps! Once you manage to find the photo and prove that you know what you’re doing, things will start to open up more and more… while the creepiness also increases, thanks to the Weeping Angels entering the scene.

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Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins was a pleasant surprise on Nintendo Switch. I’ve reviewed other found phone games on Nintendo Switch, but having one directly tied to the long-running Doctor Who series – including the participation of some of the original actors that portrayed the characters in the Doctor Who universe – certainly adds to what is already a solid adventure. Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins is out on Nintendo Switch at a $12.99 price.

This Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Maze Theory.

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An excellent Doctor Who adventure in the found phone genre