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[Nintendo Switch] Ooops! 2 Review

[Nintendo Switch] Ooops! 2 Review
  • On October 4, 2021

Ooops! 2 from Independent Arts Software and Wild River Games is a fun arcade-style cooking game on Nintendo Switch based on the movie. Learn more in our Ooops! 2 review!


Ooops! 2 from Independent Arts Software and Wild River Games is a fun arcade-style cooking game on Nintendo Switch based on the movie. It’s a licensed take on games such as the excellent Overcooked! series, aimed at fans of the movie, given its E for Everyone rating. It’s a single-player experience in which you’ll be taking on a fast-paced barrage of orders as you try to feed all passengers on the ark so that they don’t end up eating each other since there are animals from all species on board!

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You’ll be controlling Dave – and a bit later, Kate – as you work hard on providing tasty treats for everyone on the ark. As expected, all the animals on the ark are extremely hungry. You’ll have to work hard in the kitchen to cook for everyone, as you take on 33 levels, preparing 21 recipes for dishes such as tacos, pizza, kebab skewers, and more. As you progress through the game, you’ll get a chance to unlock other characters from the movie. Joining Dave and Kate will be Finny, Hazel, Leah, Chief Clyde, and Patch.


You can control your character with the left analog stick, picking up and dropping items with the A button. You can dash with the L and R buttons for an extra burst of speed, but you need to be careful since you will immediately run in the direction you’re facing. You can drop ingredients on the chopping board to slice them up by quickly pressing the X button. Sometimes you’ll have to mix stuff with the right analog stick or use this analog stick to wash a plate. You’ll need clean plates to serve the next dish!

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Once an order comes in, you’ll need to rush to get the ingredients for it and get started with the preparation. You will start with having to make a salad, which will only require one ingredient for you to shop away, serve on a plate, and then take it to the counter. After this, the difficulty will increase a tiny bit by adding an extra ingredient to the salad: tomatoes! As expected, this will turn the salad into a tomato salad. And then, you’ll be making fufu by chopping up two servings and then cooking them in the pot before serving the dish.


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Based on your performance in each stage, you can gain a rating that goes from one to three stars. The quicker you are at serving an order, the more points you’ll get for it. You’ll need to make the most of the time limit you have for the level so that you can complete as many orders as possible. Any mistakes you make will lower your overall score, as will not completing an order on time. If you don’t get a three-star rating for a level, you can always replay it!


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If you’re looking for a fun single-player arcade-style cooking experience that pays homage to the Overcooked! Series, then you’re going to enjoy Ooops! 2. It’s a game that gamers of all ages will like. My kids loved to help me review it and continued to play the game over many gaming sessions as they tried to beat their previous high scores. The game will have some sequences from the movie to tie it all together, so fans of the movie will definitely enjoy this one even more. Ooops! 2 is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 price.

This Ooops! 2 review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Wild River Games.

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A fun arcade-style cooking experience based on the Ooops sequel