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[PS4] Dustwind – The Last Resort Review

[PS4] Dustwind – The Last Resort Review
  • On October 4, 2021

Dustwind – The Last Resort is a post-apocalyptic real-time action tactical game set after the Awakening. Learn more in our Dustwind – The Last Resort review!


Dustwind – The Last Resort from Z-Software GmbH is a post-apocalyptic real-time action tactical game on PlayStation 4 from Z-Software GmbH. The game is set 25 years after the Awakening. This was an event triggered by a rogue AI known as the Mainframe. All of the robots under the AI’s control attacked humankind. While humans won, they barely managed to survive. The few that managed to make it to the other end live in the Badlands, where it’s a free-for-all as every group out there tries to scavenge the remaining resources.

One day while you are looking for food, you and your daughter are ambushed by a group of raiders. The raiders rob you of all of your belongings, torture you, and eventually leave you for dead… while also taking your daughter. You’re barely alive, but vow to rescue your daughter and kill every single raider that dared to defy you. You won’t have much to start with. Luckily, a stranger helps you and provides you with some clothes to protect you, a melee weapon, and some grenades that can certainly do considerable damage. You set out to follow the trail of the raiders in search of your daughter… and of vengeance.

You can move your character in real-time with the left analog stick, aiming your weapon with the right one and shooting with the R2 button. When shooting, you need to pay attention to the hit chance percentage, which will show below your target. Since this is a real-time action game with some tactical RPG elements, you should always be on the move when attacking enemies. If you want to boost your hit chance percentage, you can press down on the D-Pad to kneel, which will give it a boost while also leaving you vulnerable. You will also need to use melee weapons because, as expected, bullets in this post-apocalyptic world are finite.

Dustwind – The Last Resort Review 4

Sometimes you’ll be taking on things on your own, and sometimes you’ll have multiple units. When that is the case, you can switch between them with the L1 and R1 buttons. By pressing the L1 and R1 buttons at the same time, you’ll select the entire squad. When this happens, you’ll be controlling the squad leader, with the rest of the units tagging along for the ride and helping depending on which actions you select. If the Hold Fire Mode is active, then units will follow but not attack. You can set each unit to Open Fire Mode from the sub-wheel so that they start to fire away the moment they spot an enemy.


To survive, you’ll have to make good use of your stealth abilities. You will be completely invisible while in stealth, as long as you don’t make a mistake. This includes spending too much time within an enemy’s field of vision. Unlike other games you might have played that have a stealth ability, you don’t need to crouch to activate your stealth. There are really no drawbacks to using stealth, so be sure to always press the L3 button on the left analog stick to turn all stealthy. If you press and hold down the L2 button, you can kick an enemy, which can incapacitate them for a moment, or send them flying towards their death when they’re close to an edge.

Pressing the Square button will open up the weapon wheel. From there, you can perform any weapon-related actions, such as changing weapons, setting the fire mode, aiming for limbs, changing ammo, switching hands, throwing a grenade, or going into stealth mode. Just use the left analog stick to select an action, and press the X button to confirm. You do need to be careful if you switch into burst fire mode for your weapons because this mode – as well as other area attacks – can also hit friendly units. There are also sub-wheels for some weapons, as is the case for selecting between different types of grenades, for which you need to press the Square button again to check them.

Dustwind – The Last Resort Review 3

The Triangle button opens up your skill wheel. This will include special character skills that can be used to save your life or to prepare the terrain for a counterattack. You can use a medkit to treat your wounds or those of your teammates, repair something, try to pick a lock, plant a trap for your enemies, build something from the scraps you manage to collect or detonate any bombs you might have placed. If you’re in the middle of a battle and want to quickly heal yourself, you can do so by pressing up on the D-Pad.


If you hold down the X button, you can highlight all objects in the area, as well as check out everyone’s health bars. This can be useful when exploring a location so that you can see where any potentially useful stuff is located, as well as how much health each enemy has so that you can focus on the weaker ones and thin the herd. The X button is also the button used for interacting so that you can pick up objects, loot containers, open doors, disarm traps, or talk to non-hostile individuals.

You might also need to take a breath every now and then and survey your surroundings without having to worry about your units or enemies, and that’s what the Tactical Pause is for. Just press the Touchpad on the DualShock 4, and you’ll pause all action while still being able to move the camera around with the left analog stick. On top of this, the Tactical Pause can be used for you to issue orders to your characters by using the left analog stick to hover over an object or press the R2 button over an enemy to target said opponent. If you want to cancel all orders and start again, just press the Circle button.

Dustwind – The Last Resort Review 1

Your inventory space is finite, so you’ll need to search all corpses and containers for any loot and pick up all objects you find, and then equip weapons, reload them with ammo by pressing the L2 button as needed, and use any healing items to cure your wounds right away, so that you can not only be ready for subsequent fights but also have enough space in your inventory to collect the spoils of battle. An empty firearm is useless, and not having enough bullets on you when going into a shootout is a good way to get yourself killed.


As you complete objectives and defeat enemies, you will earn points to improve your character. These points can be used to boost your melee attack speed, melee accuracy, the speed and accuracy of light and heavy weapons, or add the chance to deal bonus damage to enemies. You can also increase your running speed so that you can explore each area – or escape from enemies – at a faster pace, increase your strength so that you can carry more weight, boost your stealth, lower the chance that enemies detect you, increase your odds of disarming traps, increase your HP and HP regeneration, boost weapon reload speed, increase the damage dealt with bombs, or increase all of your resistances when your HP drops below 25%, to name some examples. It’s a big list of stuff to upgrade, and, as expected, the better the upgrade, the higher the cost.

Trophy-wise, Dustwind has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy to add to your collection. The trophy list includes 12 Bronze trophies, 11 Silver trophies, and 5 Gold trophies. The objectives to complete are mostly kill related, asking you to get 10, 50, and 100 kills, kill 3, 6, and 10 targets with the Quadraboom, killing a robot with a headshot, getting 25 kills with the shiv, the combat axe, with explosives, and with fire, scoring 5 and 25 kills with explosives or killing five enemies by running them over with a vehicle. There are also trophies for successfully dismantling ten hostile traps, for dying five times by stepping on a mine, for healing others for 1,000 points in total, for healing others for 5,000 points in total by using a dog, or for deploying 15 turrets and 15 barricades.

As is usually the case for games that also have a life over on the PC gaming side of things, the text in Dustwind – The Last Resort – is extremely tiny, which makes it hard to navigate through the UI since you have to get closer to the screen to review the stats of each item – such as, for example, the ammo capacity, reload time, weight, caliber, and ideal range for a weapon you’re about to equip. There’s no option for increasing the size of text, so hopefully, this is something that the team can patch in.

Dustwind – The Last Resort Review 2

I had a lot of fun during my time with Dustwind – The Last Resort –. The tutorial is a must since it will teach you the basics while also going into more advanced techniques and skills, even if when you start to play the main story, your character is considerably underpowered when compared to what you were able to do in the tutorial. This is a hardcore experience that can be made a bit easier for those new to the genre by lowering the difficulty to make it easier to progress through the different missions the game throws at you. As long as you make good use of being able to save at all times, you can always have a save to fall back on if you make a major mistake.

This Dustwind – The Last Resort review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Z-Software GmbH.

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Fun post-apocalyptic real-time action tactical game