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[PlayStation 4] G-Darius HD Review

[PlayStation 4] G-Darius HD Review
  • On October 8, 2021

G-Darius HD from ININ Games is a new take on the classic arcade experience in the long-running franchise. Learn more in our G-Darius HD review!


G-Darius HD from ININ Games is a new take on the classic arcade experience in the long-running franchise. G-Darius is actually a prequel that takes place during the conflict between the Amnelia Kingdom and the evil Thiima Empire. This is the conflict that leads to the creation of the iconic Silver Hawks, and it takes place before the fight between the people of Darius and Belsar. You can either play the original G-Darius in all of its glory, just as it was released in arcades way back in 1997 or go into G-Darius HD, which brings the classic into the HD era, along with an updated high-poly 3D model for the Silver Hawk spaceship.

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You’ll control your spaceship with the left analog stick or the D-Pad, as you use the Circle button for your regular single shot. You can also use the Square button for a 15/sec rapid shot that will fire 15 shots per second or the Triangle button for the full rapid shot to fill up the screen with bullets. You can also launch a capture ball with the X button, which is used for capturing enemies. To do this, simply launch a capture ball at an enemy and try to get a successful capture. If this happens, one capture ball from your stock will be consumed. If the capture fails because the enemy type can’t be captured, you won’t consume a capture ball. For some enemies, you can destroy their armor to then be able to capture them. This is especially useful for mini-bosses, who can certainly add some extra power to your arsenal.


Once you’ve managed to capture an enemy, it will follow you around and help you during the battle. Some enemies will act as shields and protect you, while other enemies will fire away at opponents as if they were turrets. On top of this, you can detonate a captured enemy as if it was a bomb by immediately pressing the X button after capturing it, which is reserved for when you’re in desperate need of that big boom. Do be aware that captured enemies are not invincible, so they will be destroyed after receiving too much damage.

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As you explore each stage, you will get to collect different items that will aid you in your quest. You can pick up red orbs to boost your shots, green orbs to boost ground bombs, blue orbs to add the protective barrier known as an arm. There will also be an option for collecting additional capture balls, of which you can store up to six at any time. There are also orbs that will boost your score, a golden orb that will deal damage to all enemies when collected, a 1UP to add an extra ship, and a triple unit, which pops after you continue, instantly giving you a red, green, and blue orb to get back at it.


As is the case for other entries in the long-running Darius series, you’ll go up against massive bosses that can completely destroy you if you’re not careful. You’ll need to pay attention to each boss’ movement and attack patterns so that you can find the right window of opportunity to deal massive damage as you try to stay alive. You could also find yourself in a duel with a boss and its gigantic laser, so be sure to tap away at the fire button as quickly as possible to try and win the duel and destroy the boss!

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G-Darius HD features a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. The objectives for the trophies will ask that you capture a mini-boss, capture an enemy that is not a mini-boss, capture each of the mini-bosses in each zone, that you work on completing the capture gallery, with a handful of trophies awarded as you move towards getting 100%, that you activate an alpha beam by absorbing a captured enemy, that you use an alpha beam to destroy a boss, that you maximize your shot and bomb power, grab a 1UP, obtain a score of more than 20 million, and complete each of the levels in the game.

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G-Darius HD brings back a stellar shoot ‘em up classic in its original version and in a revamped HD release in a single package on PlayStation 4 for a $29.99 asking price. It includes a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy, save points and a quick load function, turbo shot buttons, and all of the content from the original release so that you can relive your old-school arcade days.

This G-Darius HD review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by ININ Games.

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A stellar shoot ‘em up classic now on PS4