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[PlayStation 4] Godstrike Review

[PlayStation 4] Godstrike Review

A twin-stick bullet hell Boss Rush game? I’m genuinely curious. Time for you to check out our Godstrike review!


Godstrike is a 3D boss rush Bullet Hell based on time. This means that you have to face every Boss and defeat them before your time runs out!
Time is money and health, so buying abilities or being damaged will reduce your remaining combat time. You better watch out!


Along your path, you will unlock over 40 unique abilities by defeating bosses. Before each battle you will be able to customize your ability loadouts to optimize your playstyle and discover powerful combos and synergies!


In Godstrike you embody Talaal, the last of God’s seven masks. Talaal finds her bearer just in time to fight against its siblings, that hunt her to absorb the power within the mask. The bearer is now trapped in a war that does not belong to her, a cycle that seems impossible to break.


If you enjoy frantic experiences and hard challenges, you will be able to take it to the extra mile! Challenge other players and reach the top of the highscores!


Customizable ability loadouts, allowing the players to optimize their game style.

Competition focused gameplay so you can challenge your friends and beat the high scores.

Multiple game modes, including Roguelite!

Godstrike from OverPowered Team and Freedom Games is an interesting game. It’s a twin-stick bullet hell Boss Rush game. We’ve seen some indie games like this over the years, which means there’s something needed to set this one apart from the rest. Godstrike manages to do that in a very interesting way. We’ll take about that in a second.

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In Godstrike you play as Talaal, one of seven masks. The other six masks are up to no good, so you need to stop them before it’s too late. This is really the impetus to get you to play. As for the game itself, you’re going to have some options to play. There’s a Story Mode, which is where you’re going to get your start as you experience all of the basics and learn from your mistakes. There’s also an Arena Mode for practicing against the bosses with most of the abilities unlocked, a Daily Challenge Mode to take on a specific challenge each day, and a standard Challenge Mode with a high difficulty.

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Godstrike does something really interesting, and it took me a bit to get used to it. Instead of a standard life bar, your health and special attacks are tied to your time left for each battle. It’s a really interesting dynamic that in some ways simplifies things while sometimes making everything oh so complicated. Thanks to this, you’ll always be on high alert since you need to understand what potential boss you will be going up against next and which skill is going to help you defeat it without losing too much overall time.

At its core, it’s what you’d expect from a twin-stick action shooter. You’ll move with the left analog stick and fire with the right one. You can link four abilities to the L1, L2, R1, and R2 buttons and will also have up to four passive abilities going into each boss battle. You then need to avoid the ongoing waves of bullets headed your way. Each boss will have several health bars, and with each one you deplete, you will be going up against a different movement and attack pattern. This helps each boss fight to feel like a compelling experience.

Godstrike Review - 3

I won’t lie… Godstriked completely destroyed me, especially at the beginning. Sure, there is a tutorial boss, but even this boss is no joke, and I died quite a few times trying to beat the Tutorial! I think depending on people’s like of difficult games, this could be a turn-off pretty quickly, so just know what you’re getting into. That being said, once you unlock more active and passive abilities, things get slightly easier, but I would never say this is an easy experience. If you die enough times, it will unlock an easy mode, which I did try, and honestly, I still found it difficult in trying to figure out what was different.

The visuals for Godstrike are really neat, focusing on a more minimalistic design, which I think is a great choice as it allows you to focus your attention on the chaos at hand. I was a bit mixed on the boss design. I thought half of them felt really unique with great transformations, but then the other half felt like reskins of bosses I’ve seen in other games. Regardless, they still looked good and felt like part of the world that Godstrike presents.

Godstrike Review - 4

I enjoy Godstrike. It’s a good twin-stick action game that presents a new take on the Boss Rush indie releases that will challenge you every step of the way—having to sacrifice some of your health/time to add more active and passive skills to your character to try and survive the next boss… and the one after that. And then the next one. It’s a juggling act that makes this one stand out on PlayStation 4.

This Godstrike review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by Freedom! Games.

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An interesting twin stick shooter Boss Rush experience