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[Nintendo Switch] Dice Legacy Review

[Nintendo Switch] Dice Legacy Review
  • On October 20, 2021

Dice Legacy from Koch Media, Ravenscourt, DESTINYbit is an interesting dice-based city builder on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Dice Legacy review!


Dice Legacy from Koch Media, Ravenscourt, DESTINYbit is an interesting dice-based city builder on Nintendo Switch. You start your journey as your ship arrives on an uncharted continent on this mysterious ringworld. Everything you do in Dice Legacy will depend on the luck of your dice rolls. Need to gather valuable resources? Roll the dice. Do you have to defend your settlement? Roll the dice. Is there a new building you need in order to increase your odds of survival? Then you better roll the dice and hope you get a good result!

Rolling dice for different actions is not new since this is usually done by many games on their backend without us noticing it. What’s the twist for Dice Legacy? Well, as it turns out, the dice you roll represent the subjects for your realm. This means that if you want to have fun with Dice Legacy and progress through its story, you’re going to have to keep your dice happy, fed, and healthy! If your subjects get sick and die, then your dice power will suffer accordingly. With a procedurally generated world, you’ll learn as you go. You’re going to make mistakes, but that’s just part of the gameplay loop for Dice Legacy.

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At first, only the Stranded scenario will be available. As you play more and more, new scenarios will unlock, changing how you approach things. The same applies to the Ruler you’ll play as. Your first option will be the Stranded King, one of the survivors from the shipwreck whose faith led to becoming the leader. Once you complete some miscellaneous objectives, five more rulers will unlock, changing the starting resources and dice you’ll have to work with, as well as the starting technologies – if any are available for that ruler.


You’ll move a cursor around the screen with the left analog stick, scrolling the ringworld with the ZL and ZR buttons. You can navigate your dice with the right analog stick at the bottom of the screen to select the next one to roll. Each dice will have a set durability, as well as a role to play. Your dice will start as peasants, but as you progress and improve your settlement, they will gain new rolls. Dice can be rolled with the L button, locked with the R button, and placed on the playing field with the A button. You can pause the action, speed it up, or slow it down as needed by pressing up or down on the D-Pad. It’s sometimes good to pause everything so that you can take a look at things and think of the next steps to take.

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You will notice different icons on the playing field that will let you know if something needs to be built, repaired or if you need to do something else. Look at the dice you have in your hand, look at the icons on the playing field, and place as many dice as you can to complete each process. Every time you roll the dice, all of them lose some durability unless a dice is locked. Once an operation is started, a timer will begin. When the timer reaches zero, the action will be completed. If you press the B button over a location or building, you can halt ongoing operations and take back the dice and resources being used.


Dive into the build menu, and you can select the buildings you will create. Buildings will have some requirements you’ll need to meet, so if you don’t have the resources for it, you’ll have to scavenge and wait. Some of the buildings will first need to be unlocked by making your way through the Tech Tree. You can set up a house to produce new peasant dice, a school to convert peasants into citizen dice, a cookhouse to restore durability to a die by using food, a wheat farm to produce wheat during the summer, a brewery to produce ale from wheat, a workshop to obtain knowledge – which is needed to unlock content in the Tech Tree, an apothecary to heal the wounded or sick die by using herbs, a steam generator to prevent dice used near it from freezing during the harsh cold, barracks to convert peasant dice into soldier dice, or a theatre to provide a temporary boost to some of the dice faces used nearby, to name some examples.

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Boosting the durability of your dice is important since durability basically represents their hit points. If a dice runs out of durability, then it will end up dying! This is why it’s also important to pay attention to the policies that can be approved by the council each season. You could, for example, pass a policy that makes it possible to produce twice as much food within the peasant district so that you can help more dice recover their durability… or you could make it so that all dice within the peasant district war fur coats to protect them against the freezing winter.


Your dice will have a class, which you can easily see based on their color. For example, peasant dice have a yellow color to them. Peasants are good for working on pretty much anything you need, but they won’t be as good at it as a specialized dice. A peasant might be able to help you fight against hostiles that try to invade your land, but a soldier dice would certainly do a more efficient job. Soldier dice will be blue. You could also find that some faces of your dice can receive a boost in power, which will make them ideal for taking on some tasks. The value of each face of a dice is set to one by default, but it can go as high as eight!

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Dice Legacy offers a fun gameplay loop, teaching you everything you need to know with tutorial prompts that pop up as new elements are introduced. There’s going to be a lot of trial and error in your future as you learn from your mistakes and understand how to plan for winter, setting up some extra towers to burn wood to keep your dice warm while they continue to interact with the locations within each tower’s reach, gathering the resources needed to build new structures, gaining the knowledge required to open up more and more buildings so that you can complete each scenario. Dice Legacy is out on Nintendo Switch with a $19.99 asking price.

This Dice Legacy review is based on a Nintendo Switch code provided by Koch Media.

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A delightful game where the roll of the dice will decide the fate of everything