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[PlayStation 4] Underland Review

[PlayStation 4] Underland Review
  • On November 5, 2021

Underland from QUByte Interactive and Minicactus Games is a puzzle platformer with an old-school look. Learn more about it in our Underland review!


Underland from QUByte Interactive and Minicactus Games is a puzzle platformer with an old-school look. It’s a physics-based adventure, so you’ll need to use your tools to complete each level. As for the game’s story? You’ll be controlling a pair of astronauts who have traveled to space in search of a new habitable planet. When they return to Earth from their failed mission, they realize that everyone has had to move to live underground. The path towards these new communities has been blocked and buried, so they must dig away into the underground city.

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You’ll move each astronaut with the left analog stick, selecting one or the other by pressing the L1 and R1 buttons. Each one can jump by pressing the X button, which will allow them to clear short gaps. The astronauts will not be alone on their journey towards the underground city. You’ll be able to use the L1 and R1 buttons to select the tools available for completing each level. These will include a digger you can use to create new tunnels or to remove some dangerous acid from your path or a cart with a TNT load you can blow up with the X button to clear the way.

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The goal for each level is, in essence, very simple and to the point: use the available tools and make precise jumps to help the astronauts reach the elevator for that level that will take them deeper underground. Some levels will ask that you take at least one astronaut to the elevator, while others will demand that both of them arrive safely at the elevator. New tools will be added as you progress through the game.

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Underland has a full trophy list with a Platinum trophy. The list includes 10 Bronze trophies, 15 Silver trophies, and five Gold trophies. It’s really a very simple list since there are no missable trophies on this one, and trophies will pop at a steady pace since they’re all tied to completing each of the 30 levels that Underland has to offer. That means that as long as you complete the game, you’re going to walk away with a new Platinum trophy under your belt.

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Underland is a fun, minimalist 2D physics-based puzzle game with a good difficulty curve that makes it feel like you can complete each level if you just give it the good, old-fashioned trial and error routine needed to find the right solution to the problem at hand. Underland is out on PlayStation 4 with a $7.99 price.

This Underland review is based on a PlayStation 4 copy provided by QUByte Interactive.

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Fun 2D physics-based puzzle platformer