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[Nintendo Switch] Angry Alligator Review

[Nintendo Switch] Angry Alligator Review
  • On November 18, 2021

Angry Alligator from BACKUP PLAN and Lion Castle will set you on a journey to become the biggest, baddest gator out there. Check our Angry Alligator review!


Angry Alligator from BACKUP PLAN and Lion Castle will set you on a journey to become the biggest, baddest gator out there in an open world setting. You will start as a baby gator who is just getting its feet wet in the swamp town, but you’ll quickly realize you’re in an eat or be eaten situation. The more you eat, the more you’ll grow, boosting your size and power so that you can take on bigger targets as you set out to defend your turf from the evil and nasty hoomans! You’ll be aided on this quest by Wisecroc – the wisest croc in town – who will guide you towards gator greatness.

Angry Alligator Review - Wisecroc

The game’s story will be told by way of comic book-style cutscenes. You will soon learn that everything was great at the swamp until the hoomans decided to invade the area! Hoomans are now operating from within a super top-secret facility known only as the farm, where they gather all of the kidnapped gators to test their gadgets on them and train them into becoming super-soldiers! Your mission, should you accept it, is to grow into the mighty gator you’re destined to become to put a stop to all of this.


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To control your gator, you’ll move with the left analog stick, sprinting by pressing in on the stick. As expected, you can turn the camera around with the right one. You can interact with the Y button, but there are other buttons that you’ll be using a lot during your adventure: the A and X buttons. The A button will allow you to take a quick bite, while the X button is used for a tail attack that can surprise your enemies. When in the water, you can swim up or down with the R and ZR buttons.


You must be careful and hide when in danger. You never know when humans are ready to strike, so be sure to use the environment to your advantage. Run into a patch of high grass, and the screen will go dark, letting you know you’re now hidden from enemies. You won’t stand much of a chance against hoomans or larger creatures when you’re just getting started, so don’t try to go and raid a hooman camp right away. Along with eating to stay alive and gain experience points, you will also gain experience points by exploring the land and finding new locations.

Angry Alligator Review - 5

As you progress through Angry Alligator, you’ll unlock power-ups. These can be used with the D-Pad and will allow your gator to do stuff it couldn’t accomplish before. Your jaws and your sharp teeth might be strong, but they won’t be strong enough to destroy some structure. To help you out, you can find, for example, some metal spikes for your tail! Just pay attention so that when they go blunt, you can resharpen them at a sharpening stone, and you’ll be good to go. You will find other stuff to help you, such as a set of speakers to play music that will lure the hoomans into a false state of safety, leaving them open for you to chew them up.


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There are many challenges for you to complete so that you can gain experience boosts. These include doing things such as eating 30 frogs, chomping on 10 rabbits, destroying 5 red barrels, receiving 1000 damage from explosions, hunting 100 rats, eating 20 crabs, experiencing the culinary joy of eating a pair of bears, hunting down 50 delicious pigs, destroying 3 mines, destroying 50 fences, receiving 200 damage from eating junk, or receiving 200 damage from human attacks, to name some examples.

Angry Alligator Review - 3

Angry Alligator is a fun and colorful open world experience in which you’ll try to become the biggest, baddest gator out there by eating anything that moves. It reminded me a bit of Maneater – which you should also totally play on PlayStation or Nintendo Switch – but at a smaller scale. It offers a fun and easy-to-follow gameplay loop that will keep you busy as you find new areas and complete quests. Angry Alligator is out on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price.

This Angry Alligator review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by Lion Castle.

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A fun open-world experience in which you'll become the biggest gator out there