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[Nintendo Switch] METALLIC CHILD Review

[Nintendo Switch] METALLIC CHILD Review
  • On December 3, 2021

METALLIC CHILD from STUDIO HG and CREST is a roguelite action game set in a lab in the not-so-distant future in which you must help Rona save Earth. Check our METALLIC CHILD review!



METALLIC CHILD from STUDIO HG and CREST is a roguelite action game set in a lab in the not-so-distant future in which you must help Rona save Earth. After establishing contact with MC01 Rona at the Life Stream station, you learn that all other robots at the station are now part of a large-scale rebellion plotted by Doctor Irene, who actually created Rona! The plan is simple: crash the Life Stream station into Earth. Rona realizes that you can help, and by granting you access to her control device, you’ll now work together as you go up against all of the robots on your path.

You’re getting yourself into a Mega Man-inspired isometric rogue-lite, which is definitely not a bad thing! After you take on the game’s Prologue – which will also act as the introduction tutorial for gameplay mechanics – you’ll be able to select which Metallic Child you’ll go after, between the eight available options – sound familiar? There’s Fira, who uses fire, Graver, who digs underground to ambush opponents, Gigantic, the largest of all Metallic Childs, Faceless, wh METALLIC CHILDo uses swift attacks to demolish opponents, Icela, who can flash freeze anything and everything around her, Shutty, who uses laser beams to attack from a distance, Spyden, who will sprint at a fast-paced with its many legs, and Lighton, who uses high-voltage electricity to discharge lighting to attack.



You can play the game in one of four difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, or Story. For Easy, enemies will have less HP, they will be relatively less aggressive, and there will be more support items. Normal is the standard experience, which could be a bit challenging for some of you. Hard bumps things up with enemies that have a higher attack power, and enemies will be relentless. There’s also Story, which allows you to enjoy the game at your own pace while also having the option to activate Invincible Mode so that Rona does not become immobilized.

There’s also the possibility to select between Performance Mode or Graphics Mode for when playing in Docked Mode. Performance Mode will lower the resolution but bump the framerate. Graphics Mode will increase the resolution, but the overall framerate will be lower. You can also activate Kids Mode, where some of the explicit content is adjusted so that it’s a bit more suited for younger players. Let’s not forget that METALLIC CHILD is Rated M for Mature, so it’s not going to be for everyone.



You’ll move around with the left analog stick, attacking with the Y button and jumping with the B button. You can roll or guard with the L button, depending on the type of weapon you’re currently using for Rona. If you grab onto something with the X button, you can then throw it with the same button. Skill attacks are set to the A button, and MC (Metal Child) skills are used with the ZR button. You can change your weapon with the R button and can change the MC skill with the ZL button. When takedown is displayed over an enemy, you can grab them to quickly deal considerable damage.


As you defeat enemies and explore each area, you might find mini-cores that can be installed by Rona to receive boosts. Just be careful because there might be some bugged cores that can be bad for Rona! Bugged cores are bad, but they can end up turning into viral cores. Viral cores are worse since they will continue to affect Rona until you manage to find a corecharger to delete the viral core. The good news is that bugged cores and viral cores will allow Rona to gain information that will allow you to make the most of any super cores you find. If you install three mini-cores, they will connect, sending Rona into a core-connect state, making her body glow, and her combat abilities will receive a considerable boost.


METALLIC CHILD is a fun roguelite isometric action game that pays homage to the beloved Mega Man series while doing its own thing on Nintendo Switch. It features an art style that helps to make everything pop, with a shiny, futuristic feel to everything around you. The game looks great when played in Docked or Portable Mode, and you even have the option of selecting between boosting the resolution while lowering the framerate or the other way around. Even if you fail in battle, the chips you collect can be used at the upgrader to improve Rona’s abilities, increasing her max HP, how much HP she can recover, her battery capacity, conservation of energy when using MC skills, or even boosting the drop rate of high-level weapons. METALLIC CHILD is out on Nintendo Switch with a $29.99 asking price, and it’s definitely one you should check out!

This METALLIC CHILD review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by CREST.

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A fun roguelite isometric action game that pays homage to the Mega Man series