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[Nintendo Switch] Shadow Corridor Review

[Nintendo Switch] Shadow Corridor Review
  • On December 6, 2021

Shadow Corridor from NIS America and Regista is a first-person survival horror experience on Nintendo Switch. Learn more in our Shadow Corridor review!


Shadow Corridor from NIS America and Regista is a first-person survival horror experience on Nintendo Switch. You will find yourself within a mirror world where evil entities dwell, and the only way to escape is to collect enough magatama gems to use their energy to open the way forward. They’re usually found within locker rooms or near enemies, which means they’re extra dangerous to collect. Find the compass, and you’ll find the way to the altar so that you can use the magatama as an offering to bring you one step closer to escaping from this world.

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There are two available difficulty options when you start to play the game. You can take on the Challenger difficulty, which offers the standard experience, asking gamers to spend some magatama after dying to be able to continue. The Novice difficulty setting is what you could call the easy option since there are fewer enemies with less effective abilities, a minimap is displayed on the screen, no magatama is consumed when reviving after death, and the requirements for completing a stage are a bit more relaxed.


Since you’ll be playing Shadow Corridor from a first-person perspective, you’ll move with the left analog stick as you look around with the right one. You can sprint with the L button, which will end up making a lot of noise, or crouch by pressing and holding down the ZL button. Crouching is very important because while doing this, your footsteps will be silent so that you don’t alert anyone of your current position. You can look behind you with the R button in case you hear a weird noise or are trying to escape from something. The A button is for performing actions, such as collecting items. By using the D-Pad, you can select an item to then use it with the Y button. There’s also the option of assigning an item to the X button for quick use.

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Items are a big part of this experience since you’ll have to use them to survive each chapter. You might need to use a lighter – given to you by your grandmother – so that you can illuminate the area around you. Or you could light up and throw some firecrackers to drive away fiends of low intelligence who are going to be drawn by the sound and the flashes of light. They also have the added bonus of making your footsteps unnoticeable while they’re in use. You will also need to collect keys to open locked doors so that you can stay as far away as possible from any enemy.

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You can also play levels in a special mode called the Magatama Challenge. For this one, you’ll have to collect as many magatamas as possible within the time limit while trying to escape from enemies, who will be set to the Challenger difficulty by default. There is no limit to how many times you can revive when defeated, but every time you do die, you’ll receive a time penalty. If you’re good enough and collect enough magatama before time runs out, you can get a gold medal for your efforts!


If you’re the type of gamer who likes to 100% each game, you’ll have plenty to do during your time with Shadow Corridor. There are 64 archival entries to collect, as well as 100 Kokeshi dolls. You will be able to check how many archives and dolls are hidden in each chapter, and you can also check your total for each one under the Records segment in the Archives section. There’s also an in-game achievements system so that you can work on completing additional objectives, such as completing a chapter within a specific time limit while playing on the Challenger difficulty setting, finding a hidden item in this or that stage, or collecting every single doll and archival entries.

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Shadow Corridor is an entertaining first-person survival horror experience with plenty of jump scares and lots of collectibles to find as you try to escape from the mirror world that has trapped you with the demons that haunt each location you’ll visit. Shadow Corridor is out on Nintendo Switch for $14.99.

This Shadow Corridor review is based on a Nintendo Switch copy provided by NIS America.

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An entertaining first-person survival horror experience